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Meet the team: Director of Engineering - Integrations and Extensibility, Al Jamieson

Chris Moore
Author Chris Moore

What is your background?

Born in New Zealand, my first ‘distributed’ project, at age eleven, was connecting two Commodore 64’s between my bedroom and my neighbours bedroom so that we could game late into the night. After achieving degrees in Engineering and Physics, I moved to London, which I now call home.

My early career was in electronic design with embedded firmware before moving into pure software with an increasing focus on leadership roles whilst building two of my own startups and doing some freelance consultancy along the way.

What does your role involve in Flipdish?

At Flipdish, I lead a group of high-performing teams covering ordering, integrations, internal tooling, and technical support. I spend roughly equal portions of my time on the past, the present, and the future; looking at how to improve what we already have, keeping teams aligned on their in-flight projects, and looking towards the future of engineering at Flipdish.

What do the next 12 months have in store for you?

The next twelve months at Flipdish will be an incredibly exciting time as we work towards higher performance and providing even more customer value.

What are your interests outside of Flipdish?

Outside of Flipdish I have been lucky enough to travel the world by snowboard, tuk-tuk and scooter. When I’m not travelling my life revolves around family, friends, food, and casual kayaking on the Thames.