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In today's fast-paced world, providing a seamless and satisfying takeaway experience for customers is essential for the success of your restaurant. A key part of this experience is the technology you use, and a good takeaway POS system, aka takeaway point of sale, can make all the difference.

The POS system is the hub of your restaurant's operations, allowing you to process orders, manage inventory and accept payments quickly and accurately. But when it comes to takeaway orders, restaurant POS systems can do even more, helping you to delight your customers with convenient and efficient service.

In this blog post, we'll explore the key features of a good takeaway POS system and how it can improve customer satisfaction. Whether you run a single takeaway restaurant or a number of locations, your hard work deserves a takeaway POS system that’s up to the job of delighting your customers.

Key features of a good takeaway POS system

All restaurants need efficient ordering payment and restaurant management systems, but at takeaways, where orders come in thick and fast, it’s especially important.

With speed and efficiency as your drivers of success, here are the most important features to look for in a takeaway POS system.

Fast and efficient order processing

A takeaway POS system should process orders quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing accuracy. This is achieved using features like customisable order screens, order management from a third-party integration and automatic calculation of totals and taxes. By streamlining order processing, you can reduce wait times and minimise errors, leading to a better experience for your customers.

Built-in online ordering

Many customers prefer to place their orders online and a good takeaway POS system should allow them to do this with ease. By allowing customers to order and pay for their food directly through your restaurant's website or app, you can provide a faster and more convenient experience. This not only saves time for your customers, but it can also reduce errors and ensure that orders are accurate and consistent.

Order ingest from delivery marketplace platforms

In addition to offering built-in online ordering capabilities, a good takeaway POS system should also be able to ingest orders from third-party online ordering platforms.

This allows you to accept orders from third-party marketplaces without having multiple tablets at the counter or having to manually transfer orders from marketplace tablets to your POS system.

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With orders flowing in accurately and efficiently, your staff are freed up to provide the best possible service and ensure orders are processed accurately.

Accurate and easy-to-use inventory management

Managing your inventory is crucial for the success of your restaurant, and a good takeaway POS system should include tools to help you track and manage your stock – a crucial feature if you want to control and accurately calculate your restaurant profit margins.

A good takeaway POS will include features like real-time inventory updates, automatic reordering and customisable reports. By having up-to-date information about your inventory, you can avoid running out of popular dishes and ensure that your menu is always accurate.

Flexible payment options

Customers expect to be able to pay for their food using a variety of payment methods. A good takeaway POS system should offer flexibility, allowing you to accept payments via cash, card and mobile wallets. This not only offers convenience for your customers, but it can also reduce processing time and minimise errors.

Driver tracking

For restaurants that offer delivery, a takeaway POS system should include tools to help you track and manage your drivers. This could include features like real-time tracking, automatic routing and reports on average driver waiting and delivery times.

By having visibility into the location and status of your drivers, you can ensure that orders are delivered promptly and you can give your customers accurate arrival estimates.

Health and food safety tools

In addition to the operational features of a takeaway POS system, it should also include tools to help you manage health and food safety. This could include features like temperature monitoring, allergen tracking, opening and closing checklists and expiration date reminders.

Food safety is always the number one priority at a takeaway. With these tools, it’s much easier to ensure your restaurant complies with health and safety regulations and provides safe, high-quality food to your customers.

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On the customer side, when they can see you’re running a hygienic operation with proper systems in place, they will have more confidence to order from you again and recommend your takeaway to their friends.

Delight your customers with the right takeaway POS system

The best takeaway POS system will provide accurate and efficient order processing, flexible payment options, greater control of food costs and hygiene best practices and specialist tools like driver tracking software all working together in one system.

An efficient feature-packed takeaway POS system provides a more convenient, efficient, safe and satisfying experience for your customers. And automating and optimising these key capabilities frees your staff up to give your customers a better experience each time they walk in your door.

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