Flipdish Labs

Flipdish Labs is dedicated to providing the hospitality industry with cutting edge technology powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Focused on advancing innovation within the restaurant sector, our machine learning and artificial intelligence experts are working on exciting projects from voice-enabled ordering and surge pricing to menu performance and inventory management.

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Some restaurant innovations we are excited about

Standard quality control collage concept

Your Personal Business Analyst

Imagine being able to ask Flipdish in chat form how your sales were last night and getting a detailed breakdown with a week over week, month over month comparison. Ask Flipdish AI for suggestions on how to increase sales and receive comprehensive analysis on staffing issues, driver issues, ingredient levels and more. With Flipdish AI you’ll have access to all your data via a satisfyingly simple chat interface and intelligent business insights and advice.

Labs menus


○ Dynamic pricing (menu items, surcharges, delivery fees) based on the local event calendar, demand, supply variables powered by AI ○ Cross-selling items -- picking best items on a per-user/per session basis ○ Menu structure recommendations informed by AI
Labs ordering


○ Voice-enabled ordering allow customers the ability to order food in one touchless and streamlined transaction ○ Algorithmically-driven payment management ○ AI-enabled virtual assistants to answer customer queries, process and customize customer orders
Labs kiosks


○ Advertising recommendations based on machine learning for incremental revenue generation for restaurants and takeaways. ○ Voice-enabled kiosks allow customers the ability to order food in one touchless and streamlined transaction ○ Facial recognition order and pay on our kiosks. Used to monitor and track customer behaviour and give an idea of how the restaurant can influence customers
Labs team


○ To do lists, performance tracking and reporting ○ Staff scheduling, rota management, reporting and engagement ○ Gamification of task and training
Labs inventory


○ Full end to end inventory tracking based on predictions from ordering historicals ○ Automated inventory ordering, reporting ○ Recipe control, and waste management
Labs advertising


○ Automated search and social advertising based on demand historicals, calendar events. ○ Advertising across a fleet of kiosks and online estate
Labs rest sales gen ai

Restaurant sales generation powered by AI

○ Automatically turn off the most expensive marketplaces or even lowest margin items when an ingredient is running low. ○ Measuring how likely end users are likely to churn (with a holistic view). ○ End user profiling: Target high value customers differently than low value ones
Labs delivery robotics

Delivery and Robotics

○ In-store robotic delivery to table ○ Curbside robotic delivery ○ Drone delivery ○ Logistics software with predictive driver positioning and pricing based on supply and demand
Labs benchmarking


○ Use Flipdish data to discover how you are performing compared to other restaurants in general ○ Use Flipdish data to learn how you are performing vs competitors per type of customers - cuisine, geography