Flipdish shortcuts: how bulk hide and show menu items is useful

Áine Reilly
Author Áine Reilly

Have you ever run out of a menu item that appears in several dishes? Or a soft drink that you offer across your menu? Bulk hiding menu items with Flipdish lets you easily hide an item from your online menu without deleting the item details, and you can make these items visible again at any time.

This functionality is really useful when you need to prevent orders for a given item, even in your busiest trading hours. Bulk hide or show all instances of that item as they appear in your menu.

Try out this feature today. Here are some reasons why you’ll find it beneficial:

Saves you time

Picture a really busy period at your restaurant and all of a sudden you run out of a vinaigrette salad dressing that appears on multiple salads. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to find every instance of vinaigrette dressing on your menu. With the bulk hide/show menu items feature, you can save time by hiding this item in multiple places at once. And you can get back to your busy restaurant in an instant.

Happier customers

Imagine your customer has placed their order and turns up to your restaurant only to find out you have run out of something they’ve. With the bulk hide menu detaure, customers will no longer be disappointed with a cancellation or change to their order and you can simply show this item again when back in stock.

You’re in control

The ability to bulk hide and show menu items functionality is available in the portal and terminal, so you can do this without having to contact our support team. This allows you to have control of your menu and make these changes quickly. But as always, Flipdish is here to help if you need.

To learn more about bulk hiding and showing items from your menu, check out the Flipdish tutorial here.

You can learn all about editing your menu, menu design and optimising pricing in the Flipdish Academy.

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