5 reasons why your restaurant should use Flipdish Phone Marketing

Áine Reilly
Author Áine Reilly

When the kitchen heats up and your restaurant is super busy, there is nothing worse than a phone ringing off the hook. Except maybe missing orders due to the phone line being engaged.

With Flipdish Phone Marketing, the goal is to convert phone customers to online customers, build your customer database and grow your online sales. These customers who order online are up to four times more valuable than traditional phone or walk-in customers.

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How does Flipdish Phone Marketing work?

When a customer calls your store they hear a voice message promoting your online ordering, and then automatically also get a text message with a link to download your app or visit your website. It’s that simple!

We do not replace your existing phone number. Instead, we forward the Flipdish number to it. Your original number will still work for direct calls and can still be used as normal if preferred!

There is no additional cost for setting up the voice message or sending the additional SMS.

Why should your restaurant use Flipdish Phone Marketing?

1. Convert your phone customers to app customers

With Flipdish Phone Marketing customers receive a direct link to order online. You can also incentivise customers to order online with a discount off code.

2. Increase your online orders and sales

By ordering online, customers are up to four times more valuable than traditional phone or walk-in customers so Flipdish Phone Marketing in turn leads to growth in sales.

3. Avoids missing orders during very busy call period

Having Flipdish Phone Marketing eliminates the chance of orders being missed during peak call times. Customers will be informed that they can order online instead of waiting in a phone queue.

4. Reduce call volume

When call volume is reduced, staff are freed up to deal with other tasks such as walk-in customers, instead of spending time answering phone calls.

5. Capture more customers directly into your database

Because Flipdish Phone Marketing directs customers to order online, you will be able to capture more customers. Whether or not the customer clicks on the link, you can still target these customers at a later stage, with promotions, push notifications or SMS campaigns. This is a feature and benefit from Flipdish that you can’t get with marketplaces!

Where should I display my Flipdish Phone number so I can get the most value from it?

  • Use this Flipdish Phone Number on your Google Business Page.
  • Update your social media and website with this number.
  • Include this number on your printed materials such as flyers or menus.

Join hundreds of restaurants benefiting from Flipdish Phone Marketing across the globe. If you’d like to set this up, email [email protected] and our team will have it ready within days.

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