Why self-service kiosks work for restaurants and hospitality

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The benefits of self-service kiosks in restaurants and hospitality are clear - increased efficiency, increased basket size, reduced waiting times. All of which makes for a far superior customer and employee experience.

Quick service restaurants are fast adopting this new technology and consumers are on board with the change. Self-service kiosks are transforming the in-store ordering experience in hospitality in much the same way they did in banking and travel years ago.

“We already prefer to behave in a certain way when we’re ordering so there’s no reason why that behaviour wouldn’t also be appropriate when you walk into a hotel, restaurant or cafe, ” Brian Ingarfield, Flipdish Chief Customer Officer recently told the audience at Hospitality Expo in Dublin, Ireland.

“We like that experience of being in control of the process.”

“The panic point in a restaurant is when you're either looking at a menu or staring up at a menu board trying to figure out what to order. If you’re standing in front of a kiosk, you’re in control of that transaction. It’s putting it back in your hands.”

Hear more from Brian about why self-service kiosks work for restaurants, takeaways and cafes.

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