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5 simple tactics to drive more people to your restaurant website

Top tips to remember: Post regularly on your social media accounts with links to your website Promote the website on all your printed materials - flyers, posters etc. Set up a Google My Business account and optimise for local searches Spread awareness of your site through word of mouth Take…
Conor Ward
september 24, 2020
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Stop losing online food orders at checkout – 5 conversion killers and how to avoid them

Imagine the following scenario at your dine-in restaurant, bar or café. A customer places their order at the counter, selecting several items from the menu and calling them out to a staff member. Then, suddenly, when it’s time to complete the transaction and pay, they just cancel the order completely,…
Conor Ward
september 21, 2020
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6 ways to nail social media marketing for your restaurant or takeaway

Social media marketing can help you reach lots of your customers relatively easily. It’s also pretty inexpensive and can have an immediate impact when done well.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many businesses spend lots of time and money on social media marketing without necessarily reaping the rewards.  It’s…
Christina Hamilton
september 16, 2020
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Data: The secret ingredient in your restaurant’s success

Great restaurant businesses are built on great brands - and both are built on a loyal customer base. Sometimes great food and great service are enough, but if you want to be sure, really knowing your customers can help. That’s where owning your own data comes in.  Many moons ago…
Tom Farrell
augustus 28, 2020
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Taking a mobile-first, customer-centric approach with restaurant apps

Smartphones play a very prominent, almost ever-present role in our daily lives. And the numbers back this up - mobile usage now makes up over half of web traffic worldwide.  In the second quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 51.5% of global website traffic, and that figure has…
Conor Ward
juli 29, 2020
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McKinsey: Digital capability and online ordering critical for restaurants during coronavirus crisis

“A strong online ordering presence, digital loyalty programs, and robust customer relationship management (CRM) systems have been lifelines for restaurants during this crisis, as levels of digital engagement among consumers have soared.” - McKinsey The globally renowned management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has identified digital capability as a crucial…
Conor Ward
mei 29, 2020
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Sky News: Why restaurants should avoid food delivery marketplaces

In a recent interview with Sky News, Flipdish CEO and co-founder, Conor McCarthy, spoke about the dangers of restaurants listing their business on food delivery marketplaces. Not only do the marketplaces take sky-high commissions from restaurants, they also take their valuable customer data, putting at risk the relationship between the…
Ciaran Gallagher
mei 21, 2020