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Thinking of becoming a restaurant franchise owner? Here’s 5 things to consider in making your decision

If you're considering starting up a hospitality business, one appealing option is to buy into a franchise and run your own outlet within the network of an established brand. You might even have your eye on some prominent restaurant franchises that you’d like to get involved with.  However, this is…
Christina Hamilton
oktober 21, 2020
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A cautionary tale for restaurant owners: John DiLoreto explains all in this new video interview

Today we are sharing a new episode of the ‘Give an Ovation’ podcast and YouTube show in which John DiLoreto, President of Flipdish North America, tells a cautionary tale for anyone in the restaurant business today. In the year 2000, Toys "R" Us partnered with Amazon, and in doing so…
Christina Hamilton
oktober 13, 2020
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6 ways to nail social media marketing for your restaurant or takeaway

Social media marketing can help you reach lots of your customers relatively easily. It’s also pretty inexpensive and can have an immediate impact when done well.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many businesses spend lots of time and money on social media marketing without necessarily reaping the rewards.  It’s…
Christina Hamilton
september 16, 2020