5 Reasons your Restaurant or Takeaway Should Offer Online Delivery Services!

5 Reasons Your Restaurant or Takeaway Should Offer Online Delivery Services!


In this digital age we are hardwired for convenience, and with the rise of smartphones for e-commerce, it’s now more convenient than ever.
So what are the advantages of having an online delivery system for your restaurant or takeaway? Here are 5 reasons why you need to have an online delivery service.


Convenience is vital for potential customers.

#1 Immense and Instant Visibility:


When you offer online delivery services; immediately, you’re opening yourself to an immense number of potential new customers. By simply employing a convenient order system, your chances of increasing your profit increase substantially.

Online ordering is easy, transparent and quick. Effectively anything that will give your customers the easy option is only going to be beneficial.

By making it quick and easy to order online, you build loyalty with your customers.


#2 It’s so easy to order online:


Millennials (people under 30) make up a massive percentage of the online food ordering market. A vast majority of this group use their phones for 90% of their daily activities. By making it easy for them to order, you increase the likelihood of them ordering there and then and as a result, more often.

Giving them incentives and marketing towards them personally will ensure longevity with these customers.

Allowing customers to order is efficient and beneficial for both of you.


#3 Increased Revenue for YOU:


The likelihood of your restaurant being full, all of the time, is improbable (particularly mid-week), and those looking to order will sooner entertain a delivery option rather than sit in. Having a delivery service in tandem with your regular service will only lead to extra profit.

These customers can now be fed, without entering your establishment but receive all the benefits of what you offer in the comfort of their own home.

Allowing customers to order from your restaurant keeps productivity up.

#4 Minimal effort on your behalf:


Updating your online menu is quick, easy and costs nothing, this allows you to show up-to-date prices and introduce deals all with minimal work.

Ordering online now puts responsibility on the customer to get what they want, lowering the margin of them getting their orders wrong.

Your customers are now satisfied from afar all with minimal trouble.

It’s so easy for you to start delivering and easy to keep going.


#5 Customers who are not close to your restaurant can still be loyal customers:


Location of your restaurant or takeaway no longer has to be a disadvantage for your business; if they can’t come to you, bring it to them. Simple right?

New customers will become loyal customers with a handy delivery service.



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