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Meet the team: Quality Engineer, Tejaswini Meduri

Chris Moore
Author Chris Moore

What is your background?

I used to work as a QA Engineer back in India. During the early years of my career, I worked on writing the test cases, performing functional, sanity and regression testing as well as creating a bug report for the identified defects.

Later in my career, I continued with functional, sanity and regression testing and also started implementing automation test scripts.

What does your role involve in Flipdish?

Flipdish is the first company I have worked with in Ireland and it is an amazing company to work for (June 2021 to present). In the past year I’ve worked as a QA Automation Engineer and I’m now working as a Reporting Engineer. My role is to implement reports/dashboards in Looker platform using LookML language. I also write Automation test scripts using WebdriverIO for UI automation and Appium, Browserstck for Mobile automation.

What do the next 12 months have in store for you?

My next 12 months will see me learning more about technologies such as Looker and Snowflake and creating new reports which will provide easy access to all customers in validating their data.

What are your interests outside of Flipdish?

My interests outside work are cooking, shopping, and spending quality time with my kid. Also I'll follow LinkedIn most of the time to see how my connections are doing and also explore articles that are of interest to me.