Restaurant chains and franchises reaping rewards at large scale as they move to Flipdish

The COVID-19 lockdown has been hugely challenging for all sorts of hospitality businesses, but especially for large restaurant chains and franchises. 

With their outlets closed for dine-in services for many weeks, they’ve been facing major difficulties. Operating at multiple locations at a big scale, they have large expenses to pay and high staff numbers. Restaurant chains are demanding businesses to manage even in good times, but with revenues so badly affected during the crisis, it’s been an extra challenging period for them. 

Therefore, many owners and managers of chains have been ramping up their online ordering presence as a matter of urgency. This has allowed them to provide food pick-up and delivery services during the lockdown period. Circumstances vary from business to business – they may be introducing online ordering for the first time, enhancing an existing digital service or changing platforms. 

Online ordering for restaurant chains a key part of what we do

At Flipdish, working with restaurant chains and franchises to bring them online is a key part of what we do. We believe we offer them great value and benefits, as our system gives them central control of the entire chain’s online orders. Streamlining their operations across multiple stores is key to this, bringing increased efficiency at scale and ensuring greater staff productivity. 

Our technology gives chains control across their website, mobile app and self-service kiosks to manage key aspects of their operation such as menu items, pricing, offers, merchandising, marketing and loyalty programs.

So when their need is greatest during COVID-19, we’re pleased to be welcoming some great hospitality chains and franchises on board as new Flipdish customers. Among the new sign-ups are some really strong and prominent brands, based in Europe and the US. We’re confident that they can enhance their brands and their revenues by working with us. The signs are certainly very positive. 

So, let’s take a look at some great chains and franchises who we’re working with.

Eddie Rocket’s (Ireland and Northern Ireland)

Eddie Rocket’s is a trendy retro restaurant chain serving American-style food in 1950s-style diners. It has many outlets in Dublin, as well as around Ireland and Northern Ireland. It’s a very popular chain, being particularly renowned for its selections of tasty, creative hamburgers.

The chain is now offering contact-free delivery and collection from many of its diners, available from both its website and app. Both of these channels are powered by Flipdish.

They’ve been focusing on increasing app downloads to drive more customer loyalty and reduce their reliance on third-party aggregators. Eddie Rocket’s has made great strides in meeting customer demand through its digital offerings during the lockdown period.

Restaurant chains and franchises reaping rewards at large scale as they move to Flipdish - Eddie Rocket's Flipdish ordering app and website

Cojean (France and UK)

Cojean is a healthy, upmarket fast-food restaurant chain, operating many outlets around Paris as well as several in London. The business also has a strong social conscience, as outlined in its values.

Having closed its doors due to the lockdown, Cojean has recently signed up with Flipdish to provide online ordering through their French website and a new Flipdish-powered app, providing both delivery and click & collect services. Determined to cut down waiting time across their 36 locations and effectively respond to customers’ needs, this is Cojean’s very first online ordering and delivery system.

They’ve been promoting the app strongly, especially on their website and Facebook page, including a nicely produced video ad. The business has definitely made a strong return to the market through these digital offerings. It’s exciting to be for us to be working with them on the project.

Restaurant chains and franchises reaping rewards at large scale as they move to Flipdish - Cojean Flipdish ordering app and website

LA Crawfish (US)

LA Crawfish is a large seafood/crawfish restaurant franchise, based primarily in the Houston and San Antonio area of Texas. They signed with Flipdish in March, when the lockdown forced all of its 20 outlets to close for dine-in. 

From the initial contact with us, progress was very quick. LA Crawfish went live with a Flipdish-powered, franchise-wide online ordering system just a few days later. This fast and straightforward set-up was crucial for the owner, and a centralised booking portal for all 20 outlets provided the solution they needed during the crisis.

The robustness and maturity of Flipdish and the support provided for their multi-outlet operation was important to LA Crawfish. They also valued the straightforward set-up, deployment and usage. Their takeout service is thriving, with Flipdish’s online ordering platform now accounting for about 15% of their total sales.

Restaurant chains and franchises reaping rewards at large scale as they move to Flipdish - LA Crawfish Flipdish ordering app and website

Press Up Entertainment Group (Ireland)

Self-described as “Ireland’s leading leisure and hospitality company”, Press Up Entertainment Group comprises a large collection of restaurants, bars, hotels, cinemas, venues and nightclubs across Ireland. They are known for their upmarket and stylish restaurants and nightspots around Dublin city in particular. 

Like many others, they’ve recently signed up with Flipdish to expand their digital presence and services, and mitigate the effects of the coronavirus lockdown on its outlets.

Captain America’s, Elephant & Castle, Wowburger and Wagamama are all separate brands operating a chain of restaurants under the Press Up umbrella group. All of those brands have signed up to Flipidish the online ordering system, each focused on growing their own unique brand and increasing revenues.

Restaurant chains and franchises reaping rewards at large scale as they move to Flipdish - Press Up Entertainment Group website and the Flipdish ordering app

A real game-changer for chains and franchises

Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to take full advantage of technology, both to overcome immediate challenges and to build for the long-term. 

Online ordering can be a real game-changer for multi-outlet businesses, as the benefits come at a large scale. A centralised system with central control brings great efficiency and helps to drive increased sales. 

The hospitality chains which have recently come on board with Flipdish are seeing the system work in their favour. And moving forward, we hope to help many more multi-outlet businesses in the same way.

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