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How well do you treat your online customers?

We encourage our restaurant customers to accept as many online orders as possible. Why? Online orders are more operationally efficient and financially profitable than traditional orders. Research has consistently proven that online orders drastically reduce the number of errors, increase turnaround time for your kitchen, and help up-sell items by…
Restaurant Marketing

Use Facebook Analytics for Online Ordering Insights

Knowing your customer is essential. Now, thanks to Flipdish, you can use Facebook Analytics for Online Ordering Insights. This integration helps you and everyone in your restaurant to understand customer demographic information, and performance metrics.   Use Facebook Analytics for Online Ordering Insights With the Flipdish Facebook integration you can take…
Online Ordering

New Flipdish Feature: Collection Heat Map

Here at Flipdish, we're always looking for ways to improve our restaurant online ordering system so that it brings even more value to our loyal customers. Our exciting new feature allows restaurants, cafes and takeaways to view order hot spots for both delivery and collection customers. Understanding your customers' behaviour…
Restaurant Marketing

Food Collection to Increase Online Sales

If you offer collection it is important to 1.) allow your customers to pre-order online and 2.) to have a well-marked collection point for customers who have ordered ahead. Pre-order online Online ordering allows your customers to save time by pre-ordering and skip the queue when they get to your…
Restaurant Marketing

Online Ordering Success Checklist

Have you just started with online ordering for your restaurant? Do you now want to start with the restaurant online ordering success checklist? Read on for the essential steps for online ordering success.   Your Restaurant Online Ordering Success Checklist There is one big question that every restaurant has when…
Restaurant Marketing

How to Train Staff to Grow Online Orders

Why Train Staff to Grow your Online Orders? Online and app customers are 4 times more valuable than offline customers, so spending time training your staff to promote your online ordering platform helps make your business more profitable. Ordering ahead reduces errors and waste Online orders increase operational efficiency and margins as…