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Customer Spotlight Video: Manicomio group embraces Flipdish digital solutions to drive takeaway sales

“Flipdish has been fantastic in enabling us to reach out to people who, potentially, we may have missed in the past. It’s helped us improve our customer base to a wider demographic and we’ve definitely seen an influx in younger diners...It's just given us another string to our bow.” - Tom…
Conor Ward
January 5, 2021
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Customer Spotlight: Thai restaurant KOBA drives growth with Flipdish marketing services

KOBA is a popular Thai cuisine restaurant and takeaway in the coastal suburb of Portmarnock in north Dublin, Ireland. The business has raised the bar with its digital solutions in the last couple of years, introducing a Flipdish-powered website and mobile app. This allows customers to order directly from them…
Conor Ward
December 8, 2020
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Customer Spotlight video: DOUGH pizzeria chain owner on the benefits of using Flipdish

“Since we joined with Flipdish our sales have grown really consistently and now, since the app has launched, they’ve gone up even more. So it's been really, really successful.” - Ryan Lynch, Owner of DOUGH   DOUGH is an independent pizzeria chain and Flipdish customer, which was founded by Ryan…
Conor Ward
October 22, 2020
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Maximize revenue with Pre-Ordering and Order Throttling in Flipdish

Now more than ever, maximizing revenue is vitally important for anyone in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Fortunately, over the past few years (and certainly the past few months) we’ve seen a rapid increase in alternative revenue streams available to hospitality businesses in the form of click & collect and…
Tom Farrell
October 15, 2020
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Strict new coronavirus rules for restaurants and bars puts major focus on table ordering

Strict new rules for restaurants and bars to stop the spread of COVID-19 is putting a major emphasis on contact-free digital solutions, particularly table ordering.   The UK government has introduced new rules on hospitality businesses in another bid to halt the virus, restricting them to table service only.  Table ordering…
Conor Ward
September 23, 2020