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Take the hassle out of restaurant food delivery with online ordering and last mile integration

If you are thinking about introducing a food delivery service for your restaurant, the logistics are an important factor and are potentially daunting. However, it’s just all about finding the right solution for your business.  You may be planning to roll out a food delivery option but feel that you…
Conor Ward
Juli 27, 2020
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Restaurant of the future: 5 tech trends driving change in the hospitality sector

The hospitality sector is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, both for owners and customers. Tech innovation is largely driving this evolution, along with modern-day consumer demands and expectations. For anyone running a hospitality business, this presents great opportunities but also significant challenges to keep up-to-speed with the pace…
Conor Ward
Juli 23, 2020
Anleitung für die Essens-Online-Bestellung

Kontaktlose Tischbestellungen- und Selbstbedienungskioske ebnen den Weg zum Essen

Restaurants und Gastronomiebetriebe auf der ganzen Welt setzen zunehmend auf kontaktlose Bestelllösungen für das Dine-in-Erlebnis ihrer Kunden.  Bereits vor der Coronavirus-Krise gab es einen wachsenden Trend zu kontaktlosen Lösungen in Schnellrestaurants (QSRs), wie die weltweite Einführung von Selbstbedienungskiosken in McDonald's-Filialen in den letzten Jahren gezeigt hat. Die COVID-19-Krise hat den…
Ciaran Gallagher
Juni 29, 2020