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SEO for Online Food Ordering

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SEO – optimizing your web site to rank in search engines – is incredibly important. Thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of blog posts have been written on the subject. But don’t fret, you don’t need to become an expert to optimize SEO for Online Food Ordering. Flipdish has you covered. SEO strategy falls into two broad categories — content, and everything else. Content is your on-page wording, images, linking, and structure. Everything else is what you can do outside of the content you create. Small changes that can have a big impact on your SEO for online food ordering.

SEO for Online Food Ordering Top 5 Tips


So, lets look at the first area of SEO to fall under the everything else category — speed. Website speed and page speed for your restaurant or takeaway's online ordering is a hugely important factor. Google has stated on multiple occasions that page load time factors into their ranking algorithm. Flipdish takes the following steps to ensure your website loads quickly.

  • Flipdish optimized all images with
  • The Flipdish Online Ordering Platform serves pages by a CDN with edge locations. This means that the platform loads data from a server near your customer. It also means that if you’re suddenly hit with a surge of traffic (perhaps after you send out a push notification), it won't affect your page load speed. It’ll be just as fast if 50,000 people load the page as 5 people do
  • The Flipdish system compresses data to minimize load times
  • Flipdish designs pages so that the your online ordering website displays content as soon as possible. Plus, by doing this, JavaScript loading won't block your design and impact on your customers' first impressions.


With Flipdish websites you’re free to create as many pages of content as you desire. On these pages, we put the important content that is relevant to your business and helps you to appear in search engines for the searches that your customers are making. Your online ordering website pages are created with suitable H1 tags, Page Titles ,and URLs. All of these are optimised so your customers can find you with a simple search. Then we place the important content on your pages.

Then, we put your location on page, so that your website appears for your local area when users search.

After that, we add your menu which gives search engines information about your cuisine type. This information helps potential customers discover you when they're looking for your cuisine. Most of all, we place images on your website which don't just get your customers appetites going. Having images on your website creates a media rich website, which indicates to search engines that it's a good website to use. A website that is fast and gives important information, is the kind of website that search engines want to show users.


Moving from an old website to Flipdish a optimized ordering website? There are some things to take into account here. Perhaps you’ve had a website up for years and it’s getting great traffic to a variety of pages. You don’t want to lose that traffic. The Flipdish platform allows you to create pages using the same URL structure as your old site. For example, if you had a page at then you can create a page on Flipdish also at the URL Or, if you want to change your URL structure you can do that too and create a page at and we’ll redirect traffic that reaches to


Did you notice the ‘s’es in some of those URLs? HTTPS / SSL is another ranking signal that Google have stated they take into account.

HTTP logo benefits SEO for Online Food Ordering

Not only does SSL keep your customer’s data secure, it also helps your pages rank more highly on Google. The Flipdish online ordering platform serves all pages over SSL. Most of all, we take care to redirect any non SSL traffic to the correct SSL page. One more thing you didn’t know you needed to worry about – and now you don’t.


Do you ever wonder how Google manages to know everything about everything!? Well, sometimes it gets a helping hand from webmasters, like those on the Flipdish team. We help Google and other search engines out by including relevant Microdata about your restaurant on Flipdish websites. This data tells Google some really cool stuff, like your opening hours (well, cool to some), type of food sold, location, address, phone number and a place to find your logo. When Google has this data available it is much more likely to display more information about your business in its search results, like shown below. Therefore, improving your SEO for online food ordering.

Google Business Setup helping SEO for online food ordering

Flipdish work with in-house and external SEO experts to ensure that your website is second to none in terms of SEO. To learn more about Flipdish, book a live demo with one of our online ordering specialists today!