Using Squarespace for your restaurant website?

Integrate Flipdish for low cost ordering in the UAE, or switch completely and get free hosting.

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Getting a website for your restaurant is a great first step. The problem is that more and more Irish consumers now expect to be able to order from you online.

So instead of just promoting your restaurant online, why not upgrade and include online ordering for your restaurant. Signing up with Flipdish gives you two options for integrating online ordering into your website.

You can keep hosting with Squarespace, and integrate Flipdish web ordering directly into your website. Or, you can switch your website over to Flipdish — because it includes free web hosting.

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Full integration

You don’t have to pay high fees to send your customers to an external food ordering portal. Flipdish fully integrates with your Squarespace website, allowing your customers to place their orders directly on your website.

Your customer never has to leave your website, and we process your orders in the background, for a low 7% fee. That was you just have to integrate once, and your customers can place orders that print directly in your store.

If you want to take things even further, Flipdish can give you a website as part of your subscription. This comes at no extra cost, so you can eliminate your Squarespace hosting fees.

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Online Ordering Platform by Flipdish
Improve relationship with restaurant customers

Easy online payments

With the Flipdish online ordering platform, you don’t have to worry about managing payment methods and merchants. We provide the payment integration, and the money is sent on to you.

This gives your customers a way to pay online, or pay by cash, without any extra work needed by you. Just sign up for Flipdish, get set-up, and then once you’ve added the page for online ordering — you’re ready to go.

With the Flipdish online ordering platform integrated payments, you can focus on your food, and we look after the processing.

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Easy to use

The Flipdish online ordering platform comes with a website that uses your own domain name, and hosting comes at no extra charge.

If you want to stick with your own Squarespace website, then Flipdish is a simple solution for adding fully featured online ordering for your website.

Simply add a small snippet of code (you can easily copy and paste), and you can begin taking online orders on your website that sends food tickets straight to your kitchen.

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Easy Squarespace Online Ordering Integration
Lower fees for online food ordering

Low cost

Many third party food portals charge huge fees to process your orders. With the Flipdish online ordering platfom, we charge a low 7% of the order value in the UAE. This covers the processing and management of your online ordering platform.

You can even reduce your costs more by switching to a Flipdish built website. Our websites come at no extra cost, allowing you to maintain your online presence, and take online orders without having to pay added Squarespace fees every month.

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Flipdish gives you all the features you need

Online ordering

You get a beautiful ordering app and website for your restaurant or takeaway. It is optimised to convert your visitors into repeat, loyal customers. Read More.

Powerful dashboard

Manage your sales, track your performance, understand your customers, and take control of your online ordering success with a powerful dashboard. Read More

Android & iOS app

Get a native Android & iOS App for your business. Impress your customers and maximise your online ordering growth with these beautiful orderings apps. Read More.

Multi-page website

Get your own mobile responsive multi-page website. Now your customers can order from any device, and your website will always look beautiful. Read More.

Loyalty system

You get an automated loyalty system that helps you to increase sales. You can automatically reward your customers for ordering more items, more often. Read More.

Retention system

Use the in-built system to retain more of your existing customers. You can incentivise your customers to come back and order if they haven’t ordered in a while. Read More.

Marketing tools

Use your suite of powerful marketing tools to grow your online sales. Send push notifications to your customers, create vouchers, and promote your latest deals & special items. Read More.

ePOS integration

All of your orders in one place. Integrate your orders from the Flipdish online ordering platform directly into the your POS system for easy management. Read More.

Dispatch integration

Integrate with 3rd party delivery driver software. Notify your delivery drivers as soon as you receive an order through your online ordering platform. Read More.