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Drive loyalty and revenues with your own branded mobile apps

Because there's nothing like being in your customer's pocket.

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Trusted by thousands of leading food businesses around the globe

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The key to customer loyalty

It’s your app, your brand, and your delicious food. Flipdish provides beautiful, easy-to-use native iOS and Android apps that put your business right in your customer’s pocket. Our apps are optimised for performance and make it as easy and enjoyable to order - and order again - as possible. Result: more orders, more loyalty, more revenue.
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The start of a beautiful friendship

Nowadays, food ordering means mobile. And if you’re not on the phone, you’re nowhere. Flipdish apps put your brand where it matters. And it’s not just ordering: mobile apps mean better ways to talk to customers and build brand loyalty. Flipdish supports both push and SMS campaigns, so your customer is always in reach.
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App orders flow seamlessly into your POS system

In-app orders flow straight into your Flipdish POS system, where they get categorised, colour-coded, and displayed on touchscreens to the relevant sections of the kitchen, automatically.

This seamless order flow gets your staff off the phones and back to doing what they do best – serving customers.

Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch Founder, DOUGH Pizza

"My life is massively easier with the Flipdish system."

Great performing, easy to manage mobile apps

Our apps are lightning fast, designed to maximise conversion, and a pleasure to use

Great performing, easy to manage mobile apps

Fast, simple set-up

Frictionless ordering

It’s incredibly easy for your customers to order for the first time on Flipdish mobile apps.

We automatically find and populate address, find the closest store, and only ask for relevant details when we really need them.

Great performing, easy to manage mobile apps

Repeat orders

The all-important second order

Flipdish apps make it almost impossible to avoid becoming a loyal long-term customer!

Customers can re-order with one click. We save and store key customer data, so ordering again is fast and easy. And we support loyalty campaigns delivered via push and SMS.

Great performing, easy to manage mobile apps

Drive revenues

Increase average order size

Flipdish apps are easy to manage and edit directly from the Flipdish portal.

It’s easy to promote bundles and specials as needed, and to add appropriate upsell items to the purchasing process.

Watch Your Business Grow

Flipdish provides detailed insight into your business’s performance over time. Track order volume and amount across multiple stores, and automatically see growth rates over time. But don’t just watch the numbers. Move them. Flipdish powers marketing campaigns and insights that really make a difference.

Part of an integrated, omni-channel digital ordering platform

However your customers want to order, Flipdish is a single integrated platform that helps you manage and grow your business.

Get started today and let Flipdish grow your business

Get started today and let Flipdish grow your business

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