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In-store QR Code Order & Pay, direct from the table

The efficient, safe and smart way to manage orders within your restaurant. No hardware required: customers order from their own phone via QR codes in store.

Trusted by thousands of food leaders globally

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The simple way to enable ordering and paying from the table

The Flipdish digital ordering system is accessed by simply scanning a QR code, so no complex setup is required. We provide everything you need to get started: you can be up and running immediately. Like all digital ordering, QR Code Order & Pay increases average order size, meaning you'll enjoy greater revenues as well as improving efficiency and safety.

How QR Code Order & Pay works

When your customers scan QR codes, they are brought directly to your customised site powered by Flipdish. There they simply specify their table number in the app, check out and that's it! Its also easy to adapt your menu, highlight priority items, manage upsells - and means you need less staff to cover the same area! You’ll be up and running in minutes.

How QR Code Order & Pay works
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Orders flow seamlessly into your POS system

QR Code orders flow straight into your Flipdish POS system, where they get categorised, colour-coded, and displayed on touchscreens to the relevant sections of the kitchen automatically.

This straightforward table to kitchen order flow frees up your team to focus on customer service.

Jack Kirwan
Jack Kirwan
Jack Kirwan Owner

"Flipdish are the perfect partner for us. They have helped us increase customer loyalty and increase our sales as a result."

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Not just for tables

Our system can be used anywhere you deliver locally. That includes: - Table numbers (in a restaurant, café or bar) - Room numbers (in a hotel) - Villa or house numbers (in a holiday resort or village) - Area or seat numbers (at an event, such as a conference or concert) - Parking bay numbers (for a car park) - Gate numbers (in an airport)

Watch your business grow

Flipdish provides detailed insight into your business’s performance over time. Track order volume and amount across multiple stores, and automatically see growth rates over time. But don’t just watch the numbers. Move them. Flipdish powers marketing campaigns and insights that really make a difference.
Get started with QR Code Order & Pay for your business today

Get started with QR Code Order & Pay for your business today

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