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Delight your customers with the fast and modern ordering experience they expect

Turn first-timers into loyal ambassadors thanks to thoughtful designs and a seamless ordering flow.

  • One-click reorderOne-click reorder
  • Easy checkout and order statusEasy checkout and order status
  • Custom vouchers and loyaltyCustom vouchers and loyalty
Tucos Taqueria Aonghus
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"We're only on Flipdish a year and a half, and already it's making up 20% of our overall sales. It's growing at 120%, year on year. People who order on Flipdish, their spend per head is three times more than someone walking into our store.”

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Aonghus O'Flaherty Owner, Tuco’s Taqueria

Your brand and your menu have never looked better

Food delivery apps are great for exposure, but not so much for profits. Take control of your online presence so you can grow your margins and reinvest in your business.

Built-in tools that drive repeat business and improve conversion

We win when you win. That's why we're constantly obsessing over new ways to help you make more money and get customers to order directly from you.

Loyalty offer on i Phone for customers food order

Loyalty and retention

Easily build custom loyalty and retention campaigns that draw your customers in and keep them coming back for more.

Olo menu

Menu upsells

Would you like some chips with that? Flipdish's built-in upsell flow allows you to effortlessly increase the value of each order.

Tonys SMS message to customer

Friendly phone redirect

Automatically send an SMS to your phone customers to prompt them to order online, freeing up staff and increasing revenues.

Tony s Pizza website home page with offer

Acquisition campaigns

Convert first-time visitors into raving fans thanks to first order discounts and special promotions.

Better together

Flipdish is your all-in-one restaurant management solution. Save hours on admin and double entry by connecting your online ordering system to other awesome Flipdish services.


Whether you have one store or many, there's a Flipdish pricing plan for you

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If you’re already online, the Flipdish ordering system can easily integrate with your website, and be adapted to work seamlessly with your brand. From your customers' perspective, the experience is seamless - and they'll enjoy the best possible ordering experience.

Implementing the Flipdish ordering system doesn't mean giving up on your existing technology. It's easy to integrate your orders from the Flipdish online ordering platform directly into your POS system. Get in touch with our Sales team to find out if our Flipdish can integrate with your POS system.

It’s easy to switch to Flipdish online ordering. Our team will take care of migrating your menu over and will design a beautiful website for you. We’ll help you set up your new system and train your team so you’re ready to go on day one.

Flipdish works with multiple last-mile delivery partners that can help you offer delivery to your customers. Get in touch with our Sales team to learn more.

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