It’s no secret, food delivery is big business. In Ireland alone the food industry is estimated to be worth 7.8 billion with further growth of almost double expected by 2020.

As a result, Food Delivery Services have seen exponential growth in recent years with the evolution of mobile delivery and e-commerce. With this unprecedented rise in delivery trends, it’s clear as to why the restaurant market has been forced to evolve as well.

With the selection of food now available for delivery, being more diverse than ever there comes with this a spike in demand. In response to this restaurants and takeaways have been forced to adapt in order to keep up, their solution arriving in the shape of the “Dark Kitchens” / “Cloud Kitchens”.  🍳

Everybody’s got to eat but not everyone has to eat at the same table.


Let’s look at how they work: 🍴


➡️ Dark Kitchens (or Virtual Restaurants) are delivery only takeaway services that possess no physical location. Instead they operate their business entirely online!

➡️ They operate the same as one would expect a regular Kitchen to in that it takes in the food orders and the chefs cook and prepare on demand.

➡️ Dark Kitchens ominous sounding name stems from term “Dark Stores” pioneered by the likes of Amazon.

➡️ New Restaurants or Takeaways can now offer food for delivery without factoring in the enormous costs for a premise location.

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With the dawning of the Dark Kitchens phenomena, new smaller restaurants and food trucks are presented with an alternative to get a slice of this business by operating solely online.


Where did they come from? 🤔


The Cloud Kitchens as they sometimes referred to in the US came about from the unsettling statistic of the dozens of Restaurants that are forced to close every year due to the high starting capital.

The food is good and so are the chefs making it, sadly they are forced to open in a location away from the city center due to high rates and rental prices.

Since the overwhelming switch to delivery services, a physical brick and mortar establishment for restaurants is no longer necessary, in order to sell their food and drink. 70% of customers are ordering and receiving takeaway very regularly, so these Smart Kitchens have the opportunity to thrive.

Dark Kitchens have operated in the likes of Germany and The Netherlands for several years as an alternative to large Pizza Delivery chains for locals areas.

The trend has since caught on in the UK and is slowly making its way over to Ireland. It’s been recently reported that well established chains are now utilising Dark Kitchens to up their productivity and further their scope for delivery.

In doing so they are expanding their reach and potential customer base enormously without losing profit on expensive property. 🙌

Dark Kitchens are used by restaurants to increase productivity or to expand in a cost effective way.


Recent stats suggest these kitchens are located closer to the likes of industrial estates or larger suburban areas allowing their delivery influence to be more concentrated, thus catering to a much larger community.

80% of customers who order regularly will order from somewhere close by. Owning the local influence generates loyalty, repeat customers and will lead to steady capital.

But what does this mean for your restaurant and can they work for you? Yes, we know the term may sound a bit “Breaking Bad”, but there many advantages to having them whether you’re a chain or a single catering van… 🍮

Food Trucks are using Dark Kitchens for prep and to offer delivery services when the market season is off peak.


What are these advantages? 🤓


➡️ The cost of running and opening them is significantly cheaper than owning and operating a full restaurant.

➡️ The physical location is no longer a concern as your brands presence is entirely online, meaning you can put your money towards more staff, or better produce.

➡️ These kitchens can be kitted out and updated to meet demand quickly regarding the cuisine of the restaurant without closing the business for renovations.

➡️ Aside from your online store your only concerns include staff, drivers and produce.

➡️ Bottle-necked backlogs commonly experienced with Restaurants during peak periods are eradicated!

Dark Kitchens come with a significantly lesser cost than a physical restaurant.


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