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Mission control for chains and franchises

Flipdish is the perfect solution for chains and franchises. Best-in-class online ordering, plus the tools to manage multiple stores across multiple countries.

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Trusted by thousands of food leaders globally

Everything your food business needs to succeed

Maximise Conversion And Revenues

Flipdish gives you world-class digital ordering technology that customers love to use. Maximise conversion from browser to customer; maximise revenue.

Drive Productivity

Flipdish drives efficiencies at every level of your organisation. In-store digital ordering via phone or kiosk, plus data driven insights that help plot your path to growth.

Built For The Enterprise

Compare and optimise store performance from the Flipdish portal. Manage staff and work securely with access controls and audit logs.

Manage multiple stores in one place

Flipdish gives you global oversight and control, whilst allowing local decisions that are right for each individual store. We provide a centralised menu, but provide the ability for dynamic changes at the store level when specific ingredients are out of stock. And we also allow individual stores to throttle demand to meet their own circumstances from day to day.
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Omnichannel ordering managed from your POS system

Website, app, kiosk and third-party orders flow straight into your Flipdish POS system, where they get categorised, colour-coded, and displayed on touchscreens to the relevant sections of the kitchen automatically.

Result: fewer errors, better customer satisfaction and a happier restaurant team.

Yoan Laigle
Yoan Laigle
Yoan Laigle CIO Cojean

"Ordering online makes it possible to limit the waiting time in the restaurant. In two days we quadrupled the number of orders"

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Everything you need to go digital

Digital orders mean higher average order value, reduced human error, and increased customer satisfaction. Flipdish offers online ordering plus a range of in-store kiosk options, and even table ordering via phone and QR code.

Own your customer data and build your business

Any food business knows that data is their most important asset. Get to know your customers as individuals, tailor your offering, and optimise for growth. Find out which items are popular, and which ones less so. Identify areas for future expansion based on existing order patterns. It’s all possible.
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Marketing campaigns to drive acquisition and loyalty

Move your offline customers online with pre-built acquisition campaigns. Implement and customise loyalty and reactivation campaigns to maximise lifetime value. Talk to customers via customisable SMS and push notifications - and keep them coming back. Flipdish provides a range of marketing opportunities right out of the box, for businesses serious about customer relationships.
Our customer success team works with hundreds of QSRs every day, providing insight, guidance and support and helping them grow their businesses.

Not just a vendor. A partner.

Our customer success team works with hundreds of QSRs every day, providing insight, guidance and support and helping them grow their businesses.

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