No cash? No problem. Activate online tipping with Flipdish

Yvonne Morgan
Author Yvonne Morgan

Let’s be honest, fumbling around looking for cash when you want to tip a delivery driver is frustrating. It can even be a little awkward.

As society accelerates towards life without coins and notes, Flipdish enables your customers to add a tip to their online orders creating a simple, hygienic and enjoyable experience.

Flipdish supports payment from debit cards, credit cards and digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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If it’s easy for customers to add a tip to their online orders, your delivery team or restaurant staff are more likely to get the tips they deserve for providing excellent service. Customers want to express their gratitude, so let’s make it easy for them.

Flipdish customers can activate online tipping within Order Settings on the Flipdish Portal. Learn more about this feature in our helpdesk.

Want to learn more about creating an online ordering and tipping experience for your customers, or update your iOS app to access this feature? Speak to our sales team.

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