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Point of Sale

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Dispatch Types

Manage dine-in, collection, take-out, delivery orders easily and all in one place.

Menu and Order Management

Push changes to different menus centrally and manage and fulfill orders from all your sales channels from one, convenient place.

Snooze Functionality

Quickly snooze menu items across one or more sales channels at the click of a button or snooze a sales channel during busy periods.

Customer Facing Display

Show the customer their live order details during the transaction. Display offers or branding while idle.

Caller ID

Greet your regulars by name or quickly create a new customer profile for newbies

Vouchers and Discounts

Treat your customers with vouchers or discounts directly from your POS.

Digital Signage

Display your menus in rotation based on the day of the week and the time, show your special promotions and show the status of orders.

Digital Ordering

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Accept orders for delivery or collection through your own branded website.

Mobile Apps

Drive loyalty and revenues with your own branded app for your restaurant.

QR Code Order & Pay

Allow customers to order from their own phone via QR codes in-store.


Self-service kiosks orders are sent directly from the self-ordering system to the Flipdish Terminal or POS to speed up service and minimise errors.

Kitchen Operations and Food Safety

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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The Kitchen Display System is integrated with the POS and can be fully customised to your unique ways of working: send orders to a single station or different items to different stations.

Label Printer

Print labels directly from your Kitchen Display System so customers can easily identify ordered items.

Delivery Driver Tracking

Assign drivers and keep track of deliveries live from the POS. Send customers delivery notifications to track their order status and see when their driver is getting close.

Appliance Checks

Keep track of appliance temperatures and servicing information.

Task Management

Make it easy for your staff to do opening and closing checks and log temperatures digitally, at the right time, and upload photos if necessary

Incident Reporting

Fill out incident reports and log all your information neatly so you can easily retrieve documentation when needed.

Expiry, Nutrition and Allergy Labels

Keep track of food expiry dates with printed labels or print nutrition or allergy information.

Inventory Management

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Stock Management

Manage your stock more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels.

Cost Management

Track and understand all your food costs in real-time and make better decisions to reduce inventory costs.


Track and quantify wastage and understand which menu items were not used, expired or caused a loss.

Suppliers and Purchase Orders

Submit purchase orders directly to your supplier, check the status and manage vendors from anywhere with automatic reconciliation for deliveries.


Use the discrepancies report to understand any mismatching information on your inventory.

Stock Takes

Take full or partial inventory counts as necessary.


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Customisable Reports

Build your own reports and quickly drill into your data to see how your store, your products and your staff are performing.

Report Types

View reports on Costs, Sales, Sales Channels, Customers, Campaign performance, Payments, Staff Upsells, Menu Items Ordered, Mileage, Inventory, Payroll, Hourly Turnover and more.

Manager Mobile App

Keep your finger on the pulse by accessing your key sales metrics in real-time from your phone anytime, anywhere with the Manager app.

Multi-location Reporting

View reports for multiple stores in one central location.

Sales Forecast

Use the projected sales tool to plan for inventory costs as well as staff scheduling.

Staff Management and Back Office

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Use the payroll calculator to work out the wages that have been paid previously and also the upcoming payroll so you know how much to budget for staff wages for the next period.

Manager Approvals

Specify when your staff would need manager approval for actions like applying discounts or refunds.

Roles and Permissions

Assign custom roles to store staff ensuring they have the correct permissions

RFID Login

Allow staff to login using an RFID-enabled employee ID card

Staff Meals

Manage staff meals and/or discounts through the POS.

Accounts Management

Manage expenses and recurring bills through the back office.

Document Management

Store and manage all your documents in one central location.

Staff Rotas

Manage staff rotas and holiday requests directly from your POS.


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POS Integrations

Flipdish integrates with a number of POS systems to help you streamline your operations.

Delivery Integrations

Flipdish integrates with last-mile delivery services to bring your restaurant seamless delivery.

Other Integrations

We’re always adding new integrations partners to help expand your business potential.


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Integrated Payments

Securely accept credit and debit cards with leading payment processors around the world.

PCI Compliance

Built-in PCI compliance to prevent security breaches and card data theft.

Mobile and Contactless Payments

Accept contactless payments including mobile NFC payments like Apple and Google Pay.

Split Tender

Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction.


Allow customers to customise their tip amount on checkout.

Payments Reporting

View a breakdown of your total sales by payment method or drill into payment method data by dispatch type, date, and day of week.


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Flipdish POS Hardware

Robust point-of-sale hardware designed for your front-of-house needs.

Hardware Compatibility

Flipdish works with a wide range of hardware and maybe even compatible with hardware you already own.

Compatible Hardware Accessories

Build out your restaurant hardware suite with compatible hardware available from Flipdish. Pair accessories like card readers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and more.

Flipdish Online Ordering Terminal

Use the Flipdish Terminal to easily accept or reject orders, view order history or print end-of-day reports.

Customers and Marketing

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Loyalty and Retention

Grow repeat business with your own custom loyalty program or bring back lapsing or lapsed customers with automated retention campaigns.

Customer Purchase History

Customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.

SMS Campaigns

Create SMS campaigns to connect with your customers or target them directly with offers or promotions.

Managed Marketing Services

Our team of experts create and deliver campaigns across Google, social media and SMS - all targeted and optimised for the specific needs of your business.

Flipdish Phone Marketing

Flipdish Phone Marketing is a free tool that directs your phone customers to order online, freeing up staff and streamlining processes.

Customer Success

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Help Centre

The Flipdish Help Centre provides a range of help articles, setup guides, video tutorials, training, and tips and tricks.

Flipdish Academy

The Flipdish Academy is an education platform that helps customers to get the most out of their Flipdish products — and it’s free to enrol.

Technical Support

The Flipdish support team are on hand via phone and email to help with your technical queries.

Onboarding Services

Our team will guide you through every step of the way - from your first demo to ongoing support, we’re here for you.

Partner Services

Flipdish collaborate with a wide range of partners. Reach out to us to find out how we can match your needs with our partner services.

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