Grow your restaurant with powerful reporting

From granular sales data to real-time cost reporting at the ingredient level, you’ve got all the information you need in your Flipdish POS to help make better business decisions.

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All the insights you need, at your fingertips

Build custom reports
Build your own custom reports

Tailor custom reports to suit the specific needs of your business so you can view only the information you need to see, like checking sales for a specific channel for last month or the costs of wages for last week.

Real time reporting
Real-time reporting

Access your reports in real-time, from your mobile, POS, or back office so you can make fast decisions like reducing staff on quieter days or removing items that aren’t selling.

Multi location
Multi-location Reporting

No need to reconcile tons reports for each of your stores - see how each of your stores are performing through multi-outlet reporting in one central place.

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Keep tabs on your restaurant on the go

Manage and monitor your business and store performance from your mobile phone – no need to be at your restaurant 24/7.

Make key decisions on the move like whether to snooze a sales channel during a super busy period based on live data.

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Make smart decisions, fast

Get regular insights by accessing your reports directly from the Flipdish POS. No need to log in to your admin console.

Check in on your hourly sales, best-selling menu items, or which dispatch type is busiest.

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Detailed insights help you grow your business

Easily highlight opportunities for growth such as continuing a marketing promotion that boosted sales or finding ways to reduce costs.

Make smart decisions like allocating more staff to your busiest stores or removing items that aren’t selling, with reports on sales by channel, dispatch types, payment methods, sales by store, and much more.

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Get a true picture of your running costs

Access accurate, real-time reports on COGs, inventory, wastage, discrepancies, and profitability – all from one place.

Detailed inventory reporting enables you to understand the cost of each product, even on the level of single-ingredient items.

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