Manage all your orders in one place

Bring together your orders from Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Flipdish and others. Flipdish POS helps you manage all your online and offline orders from one simple dashboard.

Just Eat Deliveroo Flipdish Uber Eats and Hungry Panda all flowing into the Flipdish KDS Screen
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“We used to have 6 or 7 tablets taking orders. We now have our orders coming through the Flipdish POS, all into one place, including Deliveroo, UberEats, and Just Eat. And for self-sevice kiosk orders, they go there too. So, it’s like a one stop-shop for everything, and that makes it much easier for franchises like us.”

Take the chaos out of managing online orders

Reduce mistakes
Reduce mistakes, delays and refunds

Ditch the tablets and eliminate manual order entry by automatically syncing your online sales channels with the Flipdish POS.

Improve your team's efficiency

Flipdish POS organises your tickets – no matter where they come from – so that staff always know what to prep and when to prep it.

Take control of your business online
Take control of your online business

Flipdish POS helps you scale your operations so you can take orders quickly, and stress-free. Busy Friday nights? Bring it on.

A hand hovering over the Flipdish KDS Screen

Send all online orders straight to the Flipdish POS

Auto-accept orders and fire them through to the Flipdish KDS. Colour-coded tickets are prioritised and standardised so staff can just look up and focus on what they need to do.

A finger hovering over the Flipdish POS Screen for IRO Sushi

Control all of your menus from one place

Out of kitchen katsu? Need to hit pause on online orders for a few hours? No problem. Update your menus once via the Flipdish POS and they’ll update everywhere.

A delivery driver speaking with an IRO Sushi employee in front of a Flipdish powered digital signage screen

Make order collection easy with digital signage

Display all of your orders and their statuses clearly so drivers and customers know what’s ready for collection. That means no more drivers disturbing your staff and customers.

The Flipdish reporting screen in an outlined device showing an overview of sales

Track all your online sales in one consolidated report

Easily find out which online channels make you the most money without having to login to multiple different platforms. Centrally track orders received, average order value, commissions paid, and so much more.

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Connect with top notch delivery partners

Flipdish partners with the top food delivery platforms so that you can manage all your online orders from a single location.

Slice through the chaos and manage all your orders in one place

Get organised

We make kitchens sync

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