Why are my credit card details saved on a Flipdish website or app?

Find out why your credit card details can appear when you login to a Flipdish powered restaurant website or app.

At Flipdish we focus on making life easy for customers. We do not want customers to have to re-enter their details every single time they place an order.

If you have registered your mobile number and credit/debit card details previously on an app or website powered by Flipdish, these details will automatically appear on your user profile for all apps and websites powered by Flipdish. Where possible we will not even require you to re-log in to any website or app that is powered by Flipdish.

Although your details, such as name and delivery address, will appear when you are logged in to any app or website powered by Flipdish, this data is not made available to the store unless you visit that website. Only the data necessary for the store to run their business is made available to the store.

For example, your delivery address is only shared with the store if you place a delivery order.

Neither Flipdish nor the store you’ve ordered from have access to your credit card details. These are stored securely by a third-party payment provider Stripe, who then send us a unique token which we use to charge the card. As the actual card details are not stored by Flipdish it is impossible for us to access your card details. This makes it significantly more secure to order online via a Flipdish powered website than to call out your card details over the phone.


You can remove your card details at any time

Please see here for a step by step guide on how you can easily remove your card details from Flipdish powered ordering websites and apps.


You can delete your Flipdish account

Under GDPR, you have a “right of erasure”, where we will delete your Flipdish user account on request. To request this, please contact the restaurant you’ve ordered from or email us directly on [email protected].