Giovanni's fish and chips automates online ordering using Flipdish.

Mauro Pacitti, owner of Giovanni's automated his orders through the Flipdish Online Ordering System and sees a 43% increase in weekly sales.
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Giovanni’s is a family-run business based in Edinburgh. It has made its name serving the best fish and chips in town since 1969 and continues to deliver a quality service to its growing customer base. Family has always been at the heart of Giovanni’s and they are dedicated to building a business that produces excellent food in a warm, friendly environment.

In 2002, Giovanni handed over the reins to sons Lorenzo and Mauro who have since expanded the menu to include a wide array of food including pizza, pasta and kebab. Speaking to Mauro about his experience in the takeaway industry we unearth the key to online success for Giovanni’s Fish & Chips…

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“I wanted my own app. It’s the way things are going. The app is just there on your phone and you can order in a couple of clicks including payment, it’s great!”.

Giovanni’s joined food portals at the height of their popularity to gain new customers but soon found that the aggregator model was seriously flawed.

Food portal listings are competitive and takeaways can be filtered out easily by the highest bidders, those with cheaper delivery charges or greater discount amounts. It’s a cut-throat industry and even when a takeaway does receive orders, it’s barely worth it as they have to pay high commission fees on every order. Mauro came across Flipdish while seeking an alternative to food portal listings.

“Food portals are expensive, they charge 13/14% per sale. My bill comes to over £1000 a week.”

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Flipdish creates white label online ordering websites designed for mobile and SEO, along with personalised Apps for both Android and iOS which allow restaurants to accept online orders directly from their customers.

This type of technology is invaluable for independent restaurants and chains. Where larger food chains have the resources to build their own software to generate orders, small and medium businesses struggle. Flipdish aims to make the online ordering technology accessible to all-sized businesses by keeping their sign-up fee as low as possible and cutting transaction fees nearly in half.

The best part about having a customised online ordering platform is that restaurant owners are completely in control of their brand presence. Flipdish helps restaurants increase their total orders and improve customer retention through automated push notifications, discounts and loyalty campaigns. The Flipdish ordering system removed unnecessary steps such as creating passwords and inputting email addresses; a phone number is all that is needed to place an order.

“We tell all our customers all the time to use the Flipdish App as opposed to, for example, Just-Eat, as they charge quite high commission rates and getting customers to order through Flipdish is better for all of us. Our customers have had positive feedback and sales are getting better and better every week”.

The entire Flipdish team is dedicated to keeping the system running in perfect condition at all times. They are available around the clock to help with the likes of menu updates, refunds and general queries regarding the system.

Check out Giovanni’s Fish & Chips website and app powered by Flipdish.