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How To Start Doing Food Deliveries

James McCarthy
Author James McCarthy
Flipdish ordering deliveries

Are you wondering how to start doing food deliveries as an extension of pick-ups and collections? If you already have collections and dine-in available at your restaurant, it is pretty much the same thing for deliveries. The only difference is, now you can offer to deliver orders to those potential customers you can reach with a short walk or drive.

How To Start Doing Food Deliveries

You can massively increase the revenue of your restaurant as a result. In order to increase your chances of success, start small - only include deliveries during dinner-time and/or lunch hours.

At first, you might want to start doing deliveries personally, or maybe even ask one of your staff to tackle the challenge with you. You can hire people to take over this function later on, but it might be wise to experience this yourself from the get-go.

Making flyers is a good idea to get the word out about your new delivery business. Distribute flyers in one afternoon every month; if possible, avoid putting them in mailboxes as they will likely get thrown away. Instead, do your best to put them under car wipers or hang them on door knobs. Mention that you’re doing deliveries on them, mention your ordering website or app, and make the call to action large and prominent.

Local news stands are also a great place for flyers; simply ask the owner if you can stuff your flyers some place obvious so that frequenters will have an opportunity to view them. Make sure to mention the ability to take orders on your website on the flyer. Put this flyer alongside every meal order collected in store.

Also, hand them out during every contact with current and potential customers. Don’t be afraid to include discount coupons for first-time customers. This is a great way to win them over for the long run.

Facebook and social media is a great way to promote your online delivery service too.

Once mastered, accepting orders online for delivery can add huge revenues to restaurants currently limited by their floor space.

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