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How to log out of an ordering website or app that is built by Flipdish

Learn how to log out of your account on an app or website.

On an app

Please go in to the app and go to your ‘app profile’

To find this, you need to click on the three lines that appear on the top right-hand corner of their screen:

Log out app 1

This list below will then appear. Click on ‘Profile’

Log out app 2

This will give you the option of then ‘signing out’ of the app which you can see at the bottom of the profile page:

Log out app 3

On a website

Please go to the website you wish to sign out of and click the ‘order online’ page.

Log out site 1

You just need choose either delivery or collection to bring you to your web profile. Your profile appears on the right hand side of the screen:

Log out site 2

The ‘log out’ button is beside the power symbol.

You just need to click on this Log Out button and it will sign you out of the website.

Log out site 3

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