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Com Advisor SAS

The Community Manager of your restaurant.
Com Advisor SAS

Head office location: Nice, France
Where do you operate: France
List of services: Community Management service

About us

We work to optimize the e-reputation of your restaurant on the internet, social networks and review sites dedicated to restaurant owners. The adventure started in Nice in January 2016, under the impetus of the 2 founders Olivier, with 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and Sylvain in digital for 15 years. Present throughout France, our "Brigade" is made up of 2 distinct teams: Community Managers to communicate, energize and increase your community and followers on Social Networks and Moderators to improve your image by moderating all reviews from your customers on all dedicated platforms. We also work in the local region with professional photographers specialized in taking food photos but also with local influencers.
We have 3 offers from 149 € per month to 269 € per month.