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Whether through your own delivery team, or one of our delivery partners: it’s quick and easy to get delivery up and running with Flipdish.

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Trusted by thousands of independent restaurants, franchises and chains globally
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No delivery drivers? No problem

We partner with a number of food delivery service providers to integrate a seamless last mile delivery experience into your operations.

You don’t need to have your own delivery drivers, our partners can do the last mile delivery for you.

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Offering delivery to your customers is easy as 1-2-3

Once an order is placed on your website or app, that order will be sent to your store; simultaneously the order will be sent to our delivery partner who will be triggered to collect the food from your store and fulfil the delivery to your customer.

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Control your customer experience from A to Z

When you work with our delivery partners - or your own team of drivers - you control the delivery process. You can be sure your food gets to your customers in the best condition possible.

And most important of all, you can increase youR margins as you're no longer dependent on marketplaces for delivery.

Customise delivery rates and areas

Define delivery areas quickly and easily on a map, with total flexibility around the areas you serve.

Set minimum order amounts and delivery charges for multiple areas. You have total control around how delivery works for you.

Flipdish KDS

Fully integrated with the Flipdish POS

All your delivery orders flow straight into your Flipdish POS system, where they get categorised, colour-coded, and displayed on your Flipdish Kitchen Display System.

Say goodbye to delivery tablet madness and manual order re-entry - manage all your delivery orders from your POS system.

Find the right delivery partner for your restaurant

Tap into our network of local delivery partners and start offering a new service to your customers today.

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Ondway is a last-mile delivery company with a fleet of drivers in Dublin and surrounding areas. Flipdish integrates seamlessly with Ondway.


Offer your customers a delivery service thanks to Nash's fleet of drivers. Flipdish integrates seamlessly with Nash so you can delight your customers.


Flipdish works with the Stuart API so your orders can be brought into the Stuart system automatically for delivery management.

And more!

Can't find what you're looking for? Just get in touch with our friendly Sales team to find out if Flipdish can integrate with the partner you have in mind.

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