Burgermeister increases orders 248% across five stores with Flipdish

Underneath the arches of the U-Bahn tracks at Schlesisches Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg lies an unusual building. Dark green and made of wrought iron, a small white sign hints to its former life; it reads "Männer'' meaning "men". It is a clever reimagining of a former public toilet, but it is also the first Burgermeister, one of Berlin's busiest burger joints. Burgermeister introduced Flipdish Online Ordering and Click & Collect during the pandemic.

“Flipdish created it almost overnight for us. Making changes is so easy that we can do it ourselves. It took a week for everything to go live, and now that it’s all online, we work really well with it.”

  • Business type

    Restaurant / takeaway

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

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  • Famous for...

    Master Burger

  • Owner

    Cebrail Karabelli

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"Our story begins 15 years ago, when we turned an old toilet block into a burger takeaway," explains Cebrail Karabelli. And though it would make more economic sense to buy their meat from a butcher and bread from a bakery, Cerbrail believes that when you want the best quality, you have to do things yourself. "We make our own meat. We produce our own burger buns. We make everything, A to Z, ourselves."
Since opening, the team has expanded, alongside new outlets, but the Burgermeister name is synonymous with simple and low-priced burgers that don’t compromise on ingredient quality. “We have specialised in burgers from the very beginning. We try not to reinvent the recipe, but are continuously improving it."


Introducing Online Ordering and Click & Collect was simple and quick

When visiting the Burgermeister website, the only mention of Flipdish is a small, discreet logo at the bottom on the Online Ordering tab. This way, the Burgermeister brand is put first. "What was really, really easy with Flipdish was that they created and embedded the store for us,” says Cerbrail. “Our customers think they are with us, but actually it's all done through Flipdish which is very, very easy.”

Burgermeister’s Flipdish-powered Online Ordering system has saved them time and money. "A new website like that would have taken forever, and would have been expensive," says Cebrail. "But Flipdish created it almost overnight for us. Making changes is so easy that we can do it ourselves. It took a week for everything to go live and now that it's all online we can work really well with it."

Flipdish technology means Burgermeister is in control. "The great thing about Flipdish is, or what makes Flipdish stand out from delivery services, is that you have more control over the process, such as maintaining the website or the menu,” explains Cebrail. “We have access ourselves, meaning we can add new images and new products. This makes it quite easy for us.”

Cebrail Karabelli of Burgermeister talks Flipdish:

What's next for Burgermeister?

At the moment Burgermeister is using Online Ordering and Click & Collect, but are soon introducing Flipdish Kiosks. "The more we have worked alongside Flipdish, we have realised that there are many more things on offer. Soon we will introduce the Kiosk function, so that customers can order in-store, and take it with them straight away."


Now with five stores in Berlin, two of which are franchise partners, Burgermeister is going from strength to strength. Staggering new openings has seen steady sales increases and consistency across all outlets. "Flipdish, of course, has contributed to our increase in sales during the pandemic. And have also helped increase our reach," says Cebrail. As well as creating the website, Flipdish's Managed Marketing team do marketing for the brand. "We have a greater reach, and of course, have increased our sales."

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