How to Increase Online Orders with Facebook – Top 5 Tips

Running a restaurant can be so much fun, but it can also be a huge challenge. One of those challenges is using social media to increase your online orders. Today we’re going to look at the best ways to increase online orders with Facebook, giving you the sales increase you deserve. Now let’s take a look at the top 5 tips that restaurants are using to increase online orders with Facebook.


Use Facebook to promote your ordering website and app

Our Top 5 Tips to Increase Online Orders with Facebook

Great! So, you have a fantastic new website and mobile app to make online ordering easier for you and your customers. Now you want both your loyal and potential customers to start using your website/app.

But do they know about it?

Facebook has 1.18 billion active users per day, use this to your advantage!

Social media plays a vital role in marketing your business to new and existing customers.
Whether you’re an avid Facebook user, or you’re totally new, we can help you promote your new online ordering service and generate more sales, all using your Facebook Business page.

What do you see when you go onto your Facebook page?

Visual content is so important on Facebook.


#1 Update your Facebook Page

Updating your cover photo to display news, links and information about your new online ordering system is simple and effective way to get your message across and increase online orders with Facebook.

You can also use these pictures and banners to promote any discounts or deals your business has for new and loyal customers;

‘20% off first online order.’

Our Team are on-hand to create the best Facebook Banners to present your new app/website and any discounts you have in a clear and eye-catching format:


Chopped using facebook to increase online orders


#2 Shop Now/Use App

Don’t forget to include your website/app link on your Facebook page or people won’t know where to go to order your tasty food! This is the clearest way to let your customers know that they can order online. Letting them order online makes it so quick and convenient, is a sure fire way to increase online orders with Facebook.

Use the ‘Shop Now/Use App’ button on your page to link people straight to your web ordering system or app:

Image of Facebook App Button when you Increase online orders with Facebook

Image of Shop Now Button for Restaurant's Online Orders

This site has a great step-by-step guide and a video to show you how it’s done

This button links the customer straight to the ordering site which is amazing!


#3 Improve your Restaurant’s Facebook Rating

When you visit a Facebook Business page the first thing that comes up are the reviews.

It is extremely important that your business has and maintains a high rating: 3.5-5 stars!

You should encourage loyal customers/staff etc. to leave positive 5-star reviews to help boost the page and draw attention away from any negativity.

It is always a good idea to respond to feedback whether it’s positive or negative.


Screenshot of Facebook Reviews for Restaurant that Increased online orders on Facebook


If someone leaves a negative review for your take away/restaurant you can respond with something like,

“We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your food. We take all matters like this very seriously and would be happy to speak to you to resolve this issue”

Customers appreciate that you have acknowledged their disappointment and it will show potential customers that you appreciate customers views and their satisfaction is your number one priority.


Share the Love with Competitions and Current Events


#4 Run Competitions

Who doesn’t love a good competition? Especially if it’s to win some free food!
Running a Facebook competition to promote your web ordering service is a great way to advertise your new app or website.
Whether you have a free meal to offer, tickets to a movie, or an upcoming event, it is important to reward your customers and get some publicity in return.

As an example, here is a simple but effective competition Borza Stepaside did recently to boost their page:


“Comment below, like & share for a chance to win…”


Photo of Fish and Chips used by Takeaway doing Facebook Marketing


#5 Save the date!

In future, it could be fun to acknowledge ‘Food Holidays’ throughout the year:

  • National Pizza Day 
  • Pancake Tuesday 
  • National Onion Ring Day  (who knew!)

Why not promote these food holidays on social media?

If you were to celebrate National Onion Ring Day you could give your Facebook community the chance to win onion rings and chips or give away free onion rings on orders over €X.

You could also do this with sporting events:

  • Six Nations Championship
  • Champions League Final
  • Wimbledon
  • Ryder Cup


It can be as interactive as you’d like. Ask your Facebook community questions and make it fun,

Here is a competition Mao ran during the 2018 Six Nations Championship:



Creating a social media calendar is the perfect way to ensure you never miss an important date/event that could impact your sales and popularity! Fill in any Food Holidays, sporting events, national holidays etc. that you think could benefit your cafe, deli, take away, restaurant.


Image of Calendar for planning restaurant social media marketing


Remember to keep every Facebook post short, simple, eye-catching, and relevant!

Always link food promotions and competitions to your website and your app and make sure to respond to activity on your page. It’s a great way to get feedback and see what works for your business!

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