Flipdish on your bank statement?

You might be seeing Flipdish on your bank statement and have never heard of us before.

Why Flipdish is on your bank statement


Flipdish is an Irish software company that builds online ordering websites and apps for restaurants and takeaways around the world, on our online ordering platform. In processing online orders as part of our service to restaurants & takeaways, we process card payments online.

If you recently ordered food for collection or delivery from a local restaurant or takeaway, it’s very possible that the business uses Flipdish to process their online orders.

Depending on the bank and card provider, sometimes the charge may appear on your bank statement as being from Flipdish, rather than the restaurant name you ordered from.

How to get more information about the transaction


The first thing to do is identify the date for the charge, and check if you ordered food online on that day. If it matches, you may have the answer you’re looking for.

If you are still unsure, you can contact our friendly customer support team on [email protected], quoting your mobile phone number. We can check the date and restaurant where the charge occurred.