Reduce congestion and wait times

When there’s a crowd of people waiting to be served at the bar customers get frustrated and bar staff get stressed.  With an digital bar ordering system and self-service kiosks customers can enjoy their time with friends instead of standing in a queue. 

Increase order revenue

Customers who use a self-service kiosk spend on average 30% more per order. They spend more time exploring the menu, feel less rushed and can be tempted with high-margin upsell items and add-ons. 

Increase staff productivity

Having a self-service kiosk gives bar staff more time to focus on pouring drinks and giving customers the best service instead of taking orders and processing payments. 

Self-service kiosk for bars and nightclubs

Ordering drinks or bar snacks at a self-service kiosk is faster, easier and more convenient. The return-on-investment (ROI) for bar owners who enable customers to order on self-service kiosks is high – reduction in staff costs, fewer inaccurate orders, opportunities to upsell.  

Today’s consumers understand the benefits of technology and welcome it when they know they are getting a better, more efficient service. Not only are they comfortable using the latest technology in a restaurant, bar or nightclub, they expect it. 

It’s like having an extra pair of hands behind the bar to take drinks and food orders, freeing up bar staff to spend more time creating memorable customer experience, for all the right reasons. When planning a night out, your bar or nightclub is the place they’ll want to go.

When service is slow many customers will simply leave and find a faster service elsewhere. Research shows that a line of just five people is enough to push more than half of customers out the door and over to a competitor. By the time the line reaches 10 people, 91% of customers will leave.