Table ordering made simple with Flipdish

Flipdish web ordering and mobile apps can be set up easily and quickly to offer a table ordering service in your restaurant, café, bar or hotel. We provide these options so that your customers can order conveniently from their exact location. This brings major benefits to your business, driving more revenue while freeing up staff.

To add this service, we can enable your existing website or app to include a table ordering option. We customise the individual settings to meet the needs of your business.

How table ordering works for your customers

When a customer wants to place an order at their table, their location would be their individual table number in a restaurant. Other possible location options include hotel rooms, house numbers in a holiday village, or even airport gates. 

Within your website or app, customers can select the table ordering option and then enter their location (such as a table number) during checkout. This simple process is all done in just a few clicks with no confusion. Their order is then delivered to their table or other location, with limited staff contact.

Flipdish Table Ordering Flipdish Table Ordering
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Table ordering style and location options

Flipdish’s table ordering service caters to a range of different styles and delivery options, to meet the needs of your individual business.

Some options include:

  • Table number (in a restaurant, café or bar)
  • Room number (in a hotel)
  • Villa or house number (in a holiday resort or village)
  • Area or seat number (at an event, such as a conference or concert)
  • Parking bay number (for a car park) 
  • Gate number (in an airport)

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Our customers

  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Fast food chains
  • Hotels
  • Butchers
  • Sports stadiums
  • Food halls
  • Prepared Meal Providers
  • Cinemas
  • And more...

Greater benefits from your Flipdish website and app

While Flipdish software is mostly used for collection and delivery services, the same digital ordering technology can be utilised for table ordering services. These features can be enabled quickly and integrated seamlessly.

With table ordering services included, Flipdish now offers a fully comprehensive digital ordering platform to meet the various needs of your customers. This brings you even greater functionality and benefits – improving efficiency, reducing the demands on staff and increasing sales.