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When it comes to a small design agency, trying to resell is not easy as your resources are limited but Flipdish understood this and provided the support and guidance we needed. Flipdish offers a fair commission structure that has enabled us to reinvest a good chunk of the recurring revenues into helping boost our clients performance. Once they have reached their optimal level we really start to see the benefits.

We tried a few different systems that didn’t work for us for various reasons but the Flipdish system is reliable and smart, making it a desirable product to offer our clients. That coupled with the return on investment resulted in a successful and ongoing partnership.

Flipdish have helped Right Proportion bring recurring predictable revenues to our business which is enabling us to reinvest in new members of staff that can focus more on the performance of each client.

“Clients are happy because we can spend more energy on them at a reduced cost. Right Proportion are happy as we can plan ahead and maintain a recurring revenue stream.”

“Flipdish are happy as our partnership allows them to reach more restaurants and together we accomplish a successful, ongoing and solid relationships with all our clients.”

– Daniele Giannuzzi – Right Proportion Ltd –

Flipdish Case Study Right Proportion
Flipdish Case Study Right Proportion

A partner which signs up two customers per month can raise their fee to over €3,000 a month! *Based on restaurant sales of €10k a month

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