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John Savage - Commercial Director for Kepak

Who are we

Kepak Food service provide high quality, fully traceable food products created specifically for different menu needs in the food service sector. As the market leader with over 50 years’ experience in the food sector, Kepak offer full business and marketing support to our committed customers.

We strive to form good open working relationships with our customers, aiming to support and inspire them with ideas for appealing and successful menus that are efficient, profitable and, importantly, will keep their customers coming back for more.

With the rise of the online ordering trends in the food service market, Kepak has recognised the impact that this fast-growing trend is having on operators.


Our Partnership

To help our customers with these challenges, Kepak began a search for a company at the forefront of online ordering technology in the takeaway sector who could offer branded mobile apps, websites with ordering functionality, restaurant marketing technology, world-class support, and at an affordable price. It soon became clear that Flipdish were the best solution on the market.

We’ve been working with Flipdish for the past 3 years and are delighted with the way they have helped our customers make the most of the online ordering opportunities today. Our customers who have benefited of working with Flipdish report increased sales, great savings and much-improved customer experience and loyalty.

The Flipdish online ordering platform is second to none and the team at Flipdish are experts at what
they do, not to mention very friendly and helpful. We’d like to thank the Flipdish team for the support over the last 3 years and we look forward to our continued success ahead.

Our customers have shared their challenges with the trend towards online:

  • Ordering fees
  • Tighter margins
  • Little to no direct access to their customer base online
  • Brand dilution on crowded online ordering platforms
Flipdish Case Study Kepak
Flipdish Case Study Kepak

(L to R) Brian Ingarfield (CCO Flipdish), Paul O’Hare (National Sales Manager), Petya Kalinkova (Digital Marketing and Web design) Kellymarie Gleeson (Trade Marketing Manager) Michelle O’Brien (Digital Marketing Executive) Stephen Crowley (CFO, Flipdish) and Simon Ward (Head of Partnerships)

Customer Success Stories

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