Increase staff productivity

Staff productivity plays a critical role in restaurant revenue. Increase productivity in your chain of restaurants with the right restaurant ordering technology that allows staff to focus their time and efforts beyond order taking.

The Flipdish ordering system for restaurant chains and franchises gives you control over the staff chain of command with features such as audit logs and access permissions.

Streamline multi-location operations

Customers want an efficient and seamless ordering experience, whether it’s delivery pick-up or dine-in and expect consistency across multiple brand locations. The most difficult part of owning a franchise is managing the other stores to keep up with the tried and true model of the brand.

Using the Flipdish ordering system for restaurant chains and franchises to streamline operations across multiple stores provides control and insight that will help you better track processes and performance across your entire business.

Increase efficiencies at scale

Efficient restaurants implement processes to avoid wasting time, inventory, money and efforts of the staff. Doing this across multiple stores in a consistent way is what the most successful restaurateurs do to drive revenue growth and brand expansion. Restaurant ordering technology should be part of an integrated solution for maximum impact.

With the Flipdish online ordering system we offer the perfect solution for storing and managing all business information in one place.

As a technology provider, Flipdish has proven success as a reliable and secure partner for multi-location restaurant groups. Our technology gives you a high level of control across website, mobile app and self-service kiosk to manage menu items, pricing, offers, merchandising, marketing, loyalty and more.

Management Tools

Track and manage an entire business from one dashboard
Real-time online sales reporting across multiple stores
Centralised dashboard to manage sales data
Monitor staff activity with audit logs
Grant staff access permissions for specific operations
Edit menu items centrally or by individual location
Track data across multiple locations or drill down to specific locations
Reduce human error

Operational Efficiency

Automated orders to portal/kitchen/POS
Error reduction
Intuitive single back-end for all touchpoints
Manage peak-time orders and payment with ease and speed
Edit menu items centrally or by individual location

Reliable and Secure

Cutting-edge technology
Cloud-based software
Integrations with major POS providers and ‘last mile’ services

Customer Insights

Top level customer data and insights
Drive repeat orders with customer loyalty tools
Customisable discounts and offers
Voucher codes
Push notifications

Ongoing Investment

We are committed to multi-million dollar investment in R&D and tech innovation to continuously step up our product suite and features.

Marketing Service

Targeted advertising
Team of experts
Tailored marketing plan
Visibility on social media and SERPs

Dedicated Support

We provide 24/7 technical support as well as hands-on help with deployment, operations and success. Our dedicated customer success team works directly with your business to optimise online orders and ensure maximum ROI from Flipdish technology.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say

We partner with restaurant businesses around the world to drive their success through our ordering system for restaurant chains and franchises.

“The Flipdish customer experience has been so well received by our customers, they love the speed and ease of use. Our new Bombay Pantry App powered by Flipdish has markedly increased our mobile food sales.”
Owner, Emma Sheehan,Bombay Pantry
“Flipdish has helped our brand to grow online. At Chopped we accept orders for collection and delivery via our website and smartphone apps powered by Flipdish. We like the Flipdish automated loyalty and retention functionality because it helps us to build online order frequency. Their dashboard gives us granular visibility over sales and customer behaviour. Flipdish has helped us to expand our online ordering internationally, in multiple currencies, and languages, with ease.”
Owner, Jonathon Parkhill,Freshly Chopped
“It allows my customers to go from address to order completion in just a few clicks. Easy to edit and update menu items. Overall, it’s easy to use, easy to update and edit, with a responsive team.”
Owner, Shane CrillyBase Wood Fired Pizza