Information for consumers

Information and help if you have ordered with a restaurant that is using the Flipdish online ordering platform.
Bank statement

Have you seen Flipdish appear on your bank statement? Learn why here.

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Privacy policy

Ons privacybeleid is van kracht wanneer u bestelt bij een restaurant of afhaalt via het online bestelplatform Flipdish.

Card details

Why your credit card details may appear when you login to a Flipdish powered restaurant website or app.

Card Details

How to add your voucher code when placing an order on a Flipdish built online ordering website or app.

Hep Guide
Log out

Learn how to log out of your account on an app or website that is powered by the Flipdish platform.

Help Guide
Remove cards

Learn how to remove your credit card details from your account on a Flipdish built app or website.

Help Guide