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When you begin taking online food orders for your restaurant or takeaway, the most important thing is maximizing the number of orders you get. One of the most important things that improves that, is having the latest food ordering website design. Let's take a look at what we believe should be included in a website design that is carefully built to increase your online orders for delivery and collection.

Here at Flipdish, we put a lot of work into building and improving restaurants' websites. Your website is about making life easier for your customers, improving your presence in search engines, and building your brand reputation online. That all matters a great deal to us.

Why? Because we know that websites matter for growing online orders

With a clean and focused layout, our mobile friendly Flipdish food ordering website will drive profitable online sales growth.

You may be asking yourself; what does this mean for me? And more importantly, how does this benefit my online ordering system?

Our latest food ordering website design

Built to drive online sales for you.

First things first

To be able to order from your restaurant online, your customers need to be able to find you online. This is why food ordering websites should be designed with Search Engine Optimization or as it’s more widely known, ‘SEO’, in mind.

Good SEO will help your website get found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing without any need for payment.

Getting found on search engines is the key to being found online by new and potential customers in your locality. Plus, SEO is just as important for making sure that those that already know you can find you online. This is becoming increasingly important as customers manage more and more of their lives online. So when your customer wants to find you to order food, they can do this online thanks to your strong search engine performance.

"But I don't know anything about SEO!?"

Don't worry, with Flipdish you get a fully search engine optimized online ordering website, so all you need to do is enjoy getting more online orders.

So, what’s in the latest food ordering website design?

With the new version of your Flipdish powered website, online ordering is still front and center. This is because online ordering is the most common reason visitors come to your website, and it is what's driving profit in your business.

However, before ordering online in your restaurant, customers often want to learn more about your restaurant/takeaway/cafe, and the delicious food you cook.

This is why, with our latest food ordering website design, you get our multi-page website. This allows customers to scroll through the landing page and navigate to other links on your website. With this, your customers are learning more about your business and your food — allowing your brand to shine through, and showcase the great brand that you are proud of.

Don't forget though, our new look Flipdish website gives you the latest food ordering website design, all the while keeping your great original features, such as:

Custom domain and URL

Own your brand with your own custom domain & URL - and keep ownership of it always.

Built In Social Links

Connect your website with your social media accounts to increase restaurant orders.

Mobile Friendly

Did you know that there are now more mobile devices than there are people in the world? That's why Flipdish websites are optimized to look great on any mobile device.

Now let's look at the exciting part, what's new in the latest food ordering website design:

The basics of your online ordering website

Opening Hours

Whether you're a takeaway, restaurant, or cafe — no matter the type of food business you are, your opening hours are important. That's why our latest design for your online ordering website will display your opening hours clearly. This way customers know when they can order from you. It might sound small, but making the important information clear can make a great impression. Not having it, can turn a customer away — simply because they don't know when your restaurant is open.

Food and Drinks Menu

The most important part of your food business. Make your customers love your food as much as you do by encouraging them to order online. The simplest way to do this is with a preview of your delicious online ordering menu. When your website visitors see the great food you have on offer, the first thing they'll do is click order online. This starts the simple process of online ordering that with a Flipdish online ordering website, is faster and simpler than any other website or ordering platform.

The social side of your online ordering website

Contact Us Form

Very often, your customers will need to contact you to ask about restaurant bookings, food details, delivery or collection queries, or to give feedback. The best way to grow your food business, is to build relationships with your customers.

Use the Contact Form from latest online ordering website design, and give your customers a way to reach you with their questions. Emails will come straight to you from the contact form, so you can interact easily and quickly with your customers.

Share more about your restaurant online

About Us

While the food is the star of the show when it comes to your restaurant or takeaway, your brand is the supporting role. Build your brand by giving your customers an insight into who you are, what you believe in, and what you do! Boast about your achievements and share your business's story.

All of these things combined can be the little nudge that customers need to convince them that you're the best restaurant for them. This will turn your website visitors into customers with a Flipdish online ordering website. Then go one step further and turn them into loyal customers using all of the marketing features that you can read about here.

Food Image Gallery

A picture paints a thousand words, and what better way to tell customers about your food than by showing them how delicious it looks. There's a reason that Instagram is so popular for marketing food businesses like yours.

With our latest food ordering website design, you can share up to 12 pictures in your gallery. It will present your tasty food to your online customers and make your page more appealing. As everyone knows, visual content is king!

Testimonial Section

Showcase how good your restaurant is, by displaying the feedback and positive experiences from your biggest fans i.e. your loyal customers!

When a potential customer visits your website, displaying reviews that show how happy your customers are, and how good the food is, can be the deciding factor. When potential customers see how much people love your restaurant, takeaway, or cafe — they will want to experience it too, as nobody wants to miss out.

The "oh that's cool" section of your website!


Sometimes your potential customers don't know where you are — so now our latest food ordering website design makes that clear. With a map showing your location, customers can quickly see how close you are to them, and this will encourage them to order for delivery or collection.

If you are a multi-location franchise, this is even more important. Not only does it show the nearest restaurant or store, it showcases that your business is popular, and will boost trust in your website and food business as a whole.

Need another language?

The great thing about working with different cuisines across all of the restaurants, takeaways, cafes, and delis here at Flipdish, is that we see all of the different communities that love each cuisine.

As a result, providing an online ordering system that appeals to every aspect of your target market has become a priority for us.

Flipdish websites are available in English, Español, Català, Français, Portugues do Brasil ,and Ελληνικά (Greek). We're adding new languages all the time, so please ask us if you don't see your preferred language listed!

A multi-lingual food ordering website is even more important to multi-national food businesses. With Flipdish, you can build a website that works for all of your locations, while keeping your online ordering simple and easy for your customers, no matter where in the world they are.

We can also add in a Reservation Feature to make online booking easier for you and your customers if that’s something you’d like to offer! Email us on [email protected] to enable this feature.

Our main goal at Flipdish is to help your business increase your online ordering success.A Flipdish food ordering website means a thriving online ordering system for your business.

Want your restaurant to succeed with online ordering? Then contact our Customer Success Team on [email protected]

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