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Chinese takeaway till system

A traditional server-based digital till system is a common solution for many Chinese takeaways. But there are leaner, meaner Chinese takeaway till systems on the market that can do much more than just process orders and payments.

A cloud-based restaurant POS system is now becoming a more popular choice for businesses all over the food industry. And with its range of built-in restaurant management features, it’s an ideal choice for a Chinese takeaway, which must handle a large volume of orders, manage a complex menu and ideally offer its own delivery service.

Let’s take a look at what a smarter cloud-based POS system can do, where your old Chinese takeaway till system is lacking.

Restaurant POS system versus a Chinese takeaway till system

A cloud-based restaurant POS system offers many benefits over a traditional server-based till system. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits to look for.

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Remote access on any device

One of the biggest advantages of a cloud-based system is that it allows for remote access. This means that managers and owners can access important data and make changes to the system from anywhere, at any time.

This can be especially useful for businesses with multiple locations or those that are looking to expand. And importantly, modern systems come with tough security to ensure your system doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Lower maintenance costs

Another advantage of a cloud-based system is that it eliminates the need for expensive IT support. With a traditional server-based system, businesses often have to pay for IT support to maintain the hardware and software.

With a cloud-based system, the provider takes care of all the technical aspects and can send out updates through the cloud, freeing up time and resources for the business.

Flexibility and scalability

A cloud-based system also offers greater flexibility and scalability for ambitious business owners. As a business grows, a cloud-based system can easily adapt and scale to meet its changing needs.

This can be especially important for Chinese takeaways that experience fluctuations in demand, such as during peak times or holidays. And it leaves your business room to expand if, for example, you wanted to open additional stores.

Restaurant management features

A cloud-based system also offers a range of features that can help Chinese takeaways improve efficiency and productivity. For example, it can provide real-time sales data, inventory management tools and staff scheduling.

Automating key tasks makes it easier to manage a successful business and access to all your restaurant data helps you make better decisions and improve your bottom line.

Seamless online ordering

Another key feature of a cloud-based restaurant POS system is the ability to integrate with online ordering platforms. Even better if your POS provider has top-class online ordering baked into the system.

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A branded online ordering website or app allows customers to place orders and make payments directly with your restaurant. This can be a huge convenience for customers, as they can place orders at any time and from any location.

And online ordering can also help to increase revenue for the business as it allows you to reach a wider customer base and manage your own customer data.

Delivery management features

Delivery management is another important aspect of running a Chinese takeaway business, and it’s an area where a cloud-based restaurant POS system thrives.

With delivery management features, businesses can track deliveries, manage drivers and even send automated text or email notifications to customers regarding the status of their delivery. Customers can use a link to track their driver so they know exactly when the delivery will arrive.

This can greatly improve the customer experience and help to ensure that orders are delivered on time and in good condition. It also allows the business to be more efficient with their deliveries, saving time and money.

Reap the benefits of a smarter Chinese takeaway till system

A cloud-based restaurant POS system offers many benefits over a traditional server-based digital till system, from remote access and reduced IT costs to greater flexibility and an array of features that can improve efficiency and productivity. Upgrading to a better Chinese takeaway till system is a smart move for any business in the food industry.

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