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There is an alternative to Seamless!

Tired of the high fees from Seamless? You can lower your online ordering fees overnight with our Seamless alternative.
There is an alternative to Seamless!

Lower your fees

Seamless charges anywhere from 15% up to over 30% fees, just to process your orders. That’s a huge amount to give away, especially when you consider that Flipdish does it all for only 7%.

That’s a big saving if you use the Flipdish online ordering platform.

Any time you receive an order through Seamless, you are giving away at least 15% of your order value.

Add on the added marketing fees, delivery, and processing fees, and you’re looking at 1/3 of your income — gone! Not only are you giving away your margin, you are giving away your customers.

Telling your customers to order on Seamless? You might as well tell them to check out your competitors, because that’s what happens on 3rd party marketplaces like Seamless.

Instead, use Flipdish. We give you a website that is all about your business. You get your own domain name, your own brand identity, and lower fees.

Did you know?

On average, 85% of 3rd party marketplace orders come from loyal customers – so 3rd party marketplaces are just a way for your customers to order.

By using Flipdish, you can give your customers a fast and simple website and app to order from you, without any of the problems of 3rd party marketplaces. No high fees, no listings below your competitors, and no loss of your brand.

At the start, Seamless was probably a convenient way to bring your business online. Now that up to 85% of your online business is from loyal customers, why not move them to your own website and save money?

Flipdish can have you set up in a few days, and back to growing your brand.

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Control your brand and reputation

Take back control of your business, and don’t leave it in the hands of Seamless. Flipdish is built to allow you to take control over everything you do with online orders.

When you use the Flipdish online ordering platform instead of listing on Seamless, you get all of the benefits of controlling your own business, without losing any of the sales. In fact, we help restaurants like yours grow.

When you setup your online ordering platform with Flipdish, you own the transaction. This gives you access to your sales data along with our industry leading marketing tools.

Together, this gives you the power and control to grow your sales without Seamless.

Don’t risk losing your customers

When you tell your customers to use Seamless to place their order, you’re sending them to look at a list of all your competitors!

Didn’t pay those extra fees? Seamless is now putting your competitors top of the list, increasing the risk of losing your customers to your competitors.

With Flipdish, you get your own website and app, meaning you can send your customers directly to you for ordering, without the risk of losing them to all of the other restaurants on the Seamless app and website.