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New Feature: Exclude meal-deals from vouchers

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Meal deals are great. They give your customers value for money, make it easy for them to get all the items they need and, when used correctly, can help increase your average ticket size.

Discount vouchers are great too. They can be instrumental in getting that first sale. In drug-dealer parlance, get them hooked then jack up the price. They can help claw back customers who haven’t ordered in a while (relapsing addicts) and help build loyalty (get your gear with us or sleep with the fishes).

But the combined discounting of vouchers and meal deals is often too much to give away. Buy 1 get 1 free offers become a headache if you’re asked to give 20% off the deal on top of it. You gotta make a buck.

Introducing Voucher Free Menu Items

How does it work?

Simply tell us which menu items you don’t want ordered in conjunction with a voucher, and we’ll ensure that it can’t be.

This saves you from giving away too much on your meal-deals, and keeps your business running smoothly.

What the customer sees

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