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Conversion rate: How to increase it and drive up your online sales

Conversion rate is a crucial metric for understanding how well a website or app is performing, as it has a huge effect on sales and revenue.  It provides evidence of how successfully a brand or business is able to use its online presence to convert visitors into paying customers. Definition…
Conor Ward
novembre 20, 2020
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Ghost kitchens: Not quite as spooky as they sound!

“As demand for food delivery has skyrocketed, the definition of what constitutes a restaurant has become increasingly flexible. Renting space for a dining room? Waitstaff? Tables and chairs? Optional. The only requirement is a kitchen.” - Garrett Snyder, Los Angeles Times, September 2020 With Halloween being celebrated around the world…
Conor Ward
octobre 30, 2020
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How to grow customer loyalty in your restaurant: The essential playbook

Customer loyalty is absolutely vital to the success of restaurants and all other kinds of hospitality businesses. Restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels can live or die by their ability to build and nurture a loyal customer base - few other sectors rely on it quite so heavily. What does customer…
Conor Ward
octobre 29, 2020
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Customer Spotlight video: DOUGH pizzeria chain owner on the benefits of using Flipdish

“Since we joined with Flipdish our sales have grown really consistently and now, since the app has launched, they’ve gone up even more. So it's been really, really successful.” - Ryan Lynch, Owner of DOUGH   DOUGH is an independent pizzeria chain and Flipdish customer, which was founded by Ryan…
Conor Ward
octobre 22, 2020
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The software dilemma: Why the Flipdish system is so appealing

Going digital is something of a no-brainer for restaurant owners and operators these days. Online ordering presents a huge opportunity for revenue growth, while the reality of COVID-19 is also putting new demands and limitations on how businesses can operate. However, while bringing in digital ordering may be a simple…
Conor Ward
octobre 20, 2020
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Conversion rate: What is it and why is it so important for your business?

Numbers play such a central role in digital commerce and marketing these days. Key data and metrics ultimately tell the truth about how online channels are performing.  Many restaurants and other hospitality businesses don’t take so much of a data-driven approach, as they probably don’t see themselves as e-commerce companies…
Conor Ward
octobre 5, 2020