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Sky News: Why restaurants should avoid food delivery marketplaces

In a recent interview with Sky News, Flipdish CEO and co-founder, Conor McCarthy, spoke about the dangers of restaurants listing their business on food delivery marketplaces. Not only do the marketplaces take sky-high commissions from restaurants, they also take their valuable customer data, putting at risk the relationship between the…
Ciaran Gallagher
mai 21, 2020
Restaurant Marketing for Online OrderingGuide de démarrage pour la commande en ligne pour les restaurants

StoreKit’s 2020 Guide to Ghost Kitchens: From the Experts

StoreKit has put together a guide to Ghost Kitchens (also known as Dark Kitchens or Virtual Kitchens) and their impact on the food and beverage industry. Smartphone supremacy and new demands for consumer convenience mean restaurants need to evolve in order to keep up with the trends. You can cash in…
Ciaran Gallagher
mars 10, 2020