Interview with Vincenzo Vocella owner and manager of Vincenzo’s takeaway.



“I hope I never have to go back to them again!” 

Vincenzo Vocella on third-party platforms.

Vincenzo Vocella is the owner and manager of two very successful takeaways in Dublin. His flagship store aptly named “Vincenzo’s” is nestled in the heart of Drimnagh while their sister shop is located in Dublin’s city centre on Thomas Street. 

The family business was established in 1985 by Vincenzo’s parents. However, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that 17-year-old Vincenzo set to work to continue the family tradition to offer the best quality takeaway to the local community. With the advent of online ordering taking the industry by storm family run restaurants and businesses were forced to adapt to this change. Third-party portals marketed themselves as the most effective option for restaurants to quickly catch up with this trend and Vincenzo’s was no exception to this.

Vincenzo’s Takeaway Drimnagh

As time went on the commission from these third-party platforms began to climb ever higher and would regularly increase without warning. The effect of these high costs imposed on Vincenzo’s began to chip away over time.

Forced to stay open to 7 days a week just to keep at its full capacity, Vincenzo knew it was time for a change. While the orders did continue to fly in, the margins being lost weekly made Vincenzo realise that the sheer amount these third-party platforms were taking away from him was unjustified, handing over, “somewhere between €500 – €700 a week.”


Vincenzo’s own branded website and app. Powered by Flipdish.


“Initially it was affecting me, as the owner of the business, and it was obviously cutting into my wage because we were paying such high commissions”.

In the meantime Vincenzo was a aware he needed his own app, along with a website in which customers could find his business without getting distracted by competitors. With the help of Flipdish and its online ordering platform Vincenzo slowly began to retake control over his brand and as a result his own business.

Orders steadily grew as he marketed his brand, now able to offer personalised push notifications, vouchers and create a real sense of loyalty among the local community. As this genuine customer retention grew, so did his brand and his reach.

“The customers are coming directly to you, they are using your app, so they won’t be persuaded by special offers elsewhere. If they come onto my app it’s my own brand, my own offers.”


In July 2018, Vincenzo made the smart move and with the help of Flipdish and its dedicated customer support team, left the third-party platforms for good. Now completely independent and fully in control of his online business. Vincenzo told us during the interview he was “. . . nervous to leave the third-party platform, because our turnover was quite good at the time!”

Now armed with a personal app for iOS and Android along with the fastest ordering system on the market Vincenzo could see real time results with his online orders growing and continuing to grow, seeing a 41% increase in order volume over the past year.


“They are loyal to you and your brand. So, if they go onto to a third-party portal, might see an offer from somebody else, and they are gone. They could see a price difference, so they are gone. If they come onto my app it’s my own brand, my own offers. With your own app, they are your loyal customers.”


Vincenzo seized the opportunity to take full control over his business and its online presence and now, he’s not looking back.


“For the business that it brings to us and for the help that Flipdish gives me on the other end of the phone or the other end of an email I think it’s a fair price.”  


Checkout Vincenzo’s custom built website and app here powered by Flipdish. Along with his social media channels below.


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