De Frietist started 15 years ago with the acquisition of a small shed with outdated equipment which limited turnover greatly. It was a business that would completely disappear without renewal. Right from the start they learned that they had to invest and innovate to succeed.

If you can easily order food, pay and have it delivered to your home in just a few clicks on a platform that looks professional, including photos, this will make your customers even more satisfied and will generate a higher turnover as a restaurant. We can reach all of our online customers in one click, making it easy to engage with them.

man pouring beer in the de frietist chipper

De Frietist culture is to learn about the newest and most modern economy and to anticipate what is to come.We will continue to innovate and look for ways to grow with our partners. We have already switched to delivery in an electric car and have 100% ecological packaging.

Nowadays it is necessary to be found online. If you don’t have visibility online then you won’t be found by your customers. Before we switched to Flipdish we took orders by phone, this took a lot of time and a solution was needed to manage our orders better.

“80% of all purchases in the marketplace start online, even if it’s to check if you’re open.”


Sven was looking for solutions that communicate with each other and Flipdish offers a seamless integration with the Lightspeed POS system.

“We needed to look for partners to integrate with each other so that we could process our high number of orders automatically.”

“Flipdish gives us an order system that we can have built into our own website, in our own style, so that the customer does not feel like they are leaving my website.”

Flipdish creates white label online order websites designed for mobile and SEO, along with personalized Apps for both Android and iOS that allow restaurants to accept online orders directly from their customers.

This type of technology is invaluable to independent restaurants and chains. Where larger food chains have the means to build their own software to generate orders, small and medium sized businesses are struggling.

man pouring salt on chips in a cone for takeaway

Flipdish strives to make the online ordering technology accessible to companies of all sizes by keeping their entry fee as low as possible and almost halving transaction costs.

The best thing about having your own order platform is that a restaurant has complete control over their brand.

Flipdish helps customers to get more orders and increase customer satisfaction by using loyalty and retention campaigns, push notifications and custom discount codes.

Restaurants working with Flipdish have a more direct relationship with their customers and have the possibility to download customer data and create graphs for analysis.

“A food portal is not an option for us, besides the fact that we are among our competitors, they also take 13% to 14% commission on our orders.”

As a result of an order system integrated into the cash register system, the staff can focus more on preparing the food.

“Our formula, in combination with Flipdish online ordering is so successful that we will soon be able to open our second branch”.

Check out De Frietist’s website and app powered by Flipdish.

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