Big D Barbecue in Mansfield, Texas is a purveyor of southern American dining passed down from generations of backyard know how. Owner and pitmaster Jordy Jordan opened the restaurant in May 2013 and has been pumping out smoked tender meats and a unique “organic sauce” ever since.

“I’ve been doing BBQ for years in the backyard and at family functions – heck I’m from Texas – kinda born into it,” Big D Barbecue owner, Jordy Jordan said.

Big D Barbecue prides itself on being a family-run community-focused business, bringing people together over the tastiest smoked cuts of meat prepared fresh daily.


When starting the business, Jordy recognized that consumers were migrating online to place food orders. Not wanting to get left behind, he signed up with  ChowNow to drive customer growth via digital ordering. But instead of building customer loyalty the system had the opposite effect as it brought his customers to the ChowNow site. 

“As a customer, I am much more trusting if the ordering is right on the brand’s own site. If I am brought to another site like ChowNow or a third party I am much more skeptical,” Jordy explained.

His customers didn’t want to be re-directed to a third-party site when ordering as it made the transaction feel less secure and less personal. ChowNow’s page contains no images of the restaurant’s food you’re ordering and lacks personalization. It also doesn’t offer any tools to retain customers and build loyalty. Jordy knew there had to be a better solution.   

He decided to leave ChowNow and instead signed up with Flipdish to provide takeout and pre-order/pickup services. 

Flipdish helps restaurants amplify their brand presence online and attract new customers, as well as retaining and nurturing existing ones. With a branded website and mobile app, powered by Flipdish, along with the automated retention tools, Jordy could keep his customers coming back for more. 

“I like the marketing material and how the designs are really putting the brand focus on the restaurant and not trying to draw attention to your own company like ChowNow does,” he said.

The Flipdish online ordering system has been the perfect solution for Big D Barbecue and since signing up its orders have increased significantly. It was also important that any new tools would be easy to implement and fit seamlessly into their current structure.


“The back end is great and the integration with our website is seamless,” Jordy said.

Jordy’s decision to switch from ChowNow to Flipdish was not based solely on price or product features. He also needed to feel confident that he was in partnership with the best white label ordering team in the market.

“I am a relationship business person so for me it’s not just about who has the best product or price. I do business based on where the best service is and where the relationship is… for small business owners that kind of service is huge,” he said.“I found the implementation was great and the training was great. It’s clear that y’all put the restaurant first.”


Jordy would recommend the Flipdish online ordering system to any restaurant, large or small, that wants to grow quickly and on its own terms.  

“Our overall experience has been above and beyond with Flipdish. We believe in valued partnerships at Big D and we will always work hard to conduct our business that way as well. “


About Big D Barbecue: Big D BBQ was founded by Jordy Jordan and his cousin who named the restaurant after their grandad “Big Daddy”.  All the recipes, including their signature barbecue sauce, are family recipes. Everything is made in house.

Location: Mansfield, Texas

On the menu: Smoked meat and craft beer

Favorites: Kim Sandwich

What their customers say: “Ordered a smoked ham and smoked turkey breast for our Thanksgiving gathering, both were a huge hit! Tender, juicy, and delicious. We will definitely be ordering again for holidays to come!”

Take a look at the Big D Barbecue website and app, powered by Flipdish.

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