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Considering joining our resourceful, dynamic, and friendly engineering team? You're in the right place (spoiler: we’re big on transparency).

Here's a behind the scenes look at how we're building a world-class engineering team.

Dished Engineering Careers page

Work takes up such a big chunk of our lives, so we want to make sure we’re the right fit for you as much as the other way around.

Instead of a stressful, unstructured, one way barrage of questions we try to understand what makes you love coding and engineering, your career ambitions, interests outside of work, and anything else you’d like to share with us. And, in return, we’d like to tell you more about engineering and life at Flipdish.

Our Engineering Leadership and Recruitment team work hard to make sure our interview process is inclusive, consistent, and constantly evolving. As an equal opportunities employer and company that values diversity, we strongly encourage people of any and all backgrounds to apply.

At Flipdish, our interviews follow the STAR structure. You can read more about that here.

Interview Engineering Careers page

We thought the best way to explain our interview process would be to give you an example (the process below is for a Junior to Senior Engineer).

1. A phone call or VC with one of our technical recruiters.

There are so many amazing, talented Engineers, but not all will be a great fit for us (and equally - we might not be a great fit for them). Over a 15 - 30 minute conversation with one of our recruiters, they’ll cover high-level technical and cultural questions about what you’re looking for and why you’re interested in Flipdish.

2. Technical exercise/live pair programming

We include a technical assessment in our interview process - this is either done via a “Take Home” project or a live “Pair Programming” style interview.

We’ve created this challenge ourselves. It’s not an off the shelf or pre-paid product - it’s unique to Flpdish. We love solving complex puzzles, fixing, and building things, so we’re looking for someone who likes taking something that’s a mess and making it better. We look for code that’s clean, readable, performant, tested, and maintainable.

If you complete the “Take-Home” challenge, your next interview stage will be to explain your thought process around the improvements you made.

We want to empower our engineers and give them a voice. So, an ability to present your vision is just as important to us as your technical skills.

3. GIA Aptitude assessment

Engineering at Flipdish is constantly evolving. We’re always delivering new products and adding new tools to the Stack. As part of a holistic interview process in which we aim to assess a range of factors when making an appointment, we use the GIA Assessment to help us to understand if you’ll be able to quickly grasp new requirements, learn at pace, and solve problems in different scenarios. But, remember, the GIA Assessment is only one component of the process and you’ll not be judged on it in isolation.

4. Flipdish values based interview

Yes, we’re building a world-class technical engineering department, but values (or “Beliefs” as they’re known here) are a big thing at Flipdish.

Everyone has core beliefs and we’re keen to make sure that we’re aligned on this front. Flipdish is a place where openness, honesty, and being respectful take top priority.

You’ll chat with two of our Engineering Leadership team so we can see if we’re a good fit together.

5. References

We require two references from you. These would be a previous Line Manager and someone who’s able to vouch for your experience and way of working.

The Hiring Manager will schedule a 15 minute call with your references to ask a short set of questions.

If all goes well, we’d then start talking contracts!

Core stack Engineering page


Tech-wise, we utilise UI testing frameworks such as WebdriverIO, Material UI, React with Typescript, Redux, CSS Webpack, and Enzyme among others.


The Tech Stack here includes: ASP.NET MVC (C#), WebAPI 2, .NET Core, Cloud Platforms (Azure / AWS), CI/CD tools (Azure DevOps, CircleCI), Entity Framework, and MSSQL among others.

We are scaling the architecture massively in this domain and getting ever closer to 99.99% availability performance.

React Native teams: Our Terminal and Kiosk devices are based on the latest react native Tech Stack for UI work, and use Kotlin for underlying cross platform integrations into devices for managing things like device settings, receipt printing etc.

Mobile: Our mobile engineering team, focused on engineering excellence and continuous improvement, always look to work with the latest technology. We use clean architecture to develop all of the new code and while refactoring any legacy code.

  • On Android you’ll work with: Android Jetpack, MVVM architecture, Kotlin, Coroutines, Koin, Retrofit, Sonar, Datadog, and Circle CI

  • On iOS you’ll work with: Swift, SwiftUI, Charles Proxy, Fastlane, and Kotlin

Core Infrastructure: We’re a “Cloud Only” company. Whilst most of our infrastructure sits in Microsoft Azure, we also use other Cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud for specific purposes. A combination of PowerShell, Terraform, Azure Bicep, together with CI/CD pipelines, allow us to introduce changes quickly and safely to our infrastructure. Both Linux and Windows containers and auto scaling AppServices allow us to run an elastic infrastructure that gets sized dynamically according to business needs.

Diversity Engineering page

No industry embodies diversity like the food industry. So it makes sense that we’re a diverse team. We’re made up of over 40 nationalities across 16 countries (and counting!).

We’re working together to build an inclusive environment where you can succeed while being yourself; leveraging your experiences, perspectives, and background.

See us in action:

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💪Relatable role models: The female senior leaders behind Flipdish
💼Flipdish is a verified flexible workplace

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Meet the team

Marc O’Morain

Principal Engineer

At Flipdish, I’m a principal engineer, which is my ideal role. I’m on the IC career path, not management. My current focus is on developer productivity.

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Meet the team

Stephanie Murphy

Frontend Software Engineer

Seeing how Flipdish's products helped businesses move into the digital age with ease especially during the challenging times of lockdown, it really inspired me and made me want to join them on their mission.

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Meet the team

Matt Baker

Software Engineering Manager

As an EM at Flipdish I’m responsible for ensuring that the members within my team are able to do their jobs as effectively as possible, whilst at the same time having a high level of job satisfaction and enjoyment

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